Saturday, February 23, 2013

23 miles of fun (and the usual running aches and pains)...

I started the day in the best way this morning, no not a 5:20am wake-up call, but a $50 donation to AIDS Project L.A. on the day we ran 23 miles.

Celebrating surviving 23 miles
Balloon fun after 23 miles marathon training
Yes, it's the final countdown and our last big training run before the L.A. Marathon, which is only 22 days away.
After 23 mile T2 marathon training
Taking around four hours, I endured the usual leg and foot pains, but after 23 miles we were greeted back in Griffith Park near the L.A. Zoo by an enthusiastic welcoming committee from our T2: Team to End AIDS support staff and some fantastic post-run massages to brighten our spirits.
Post run massages in the park
I have to say being massaged outdoors and being able to look up at the sky is pretty relaxing as someone works on your battered legs.

My fellow T2 runners
T2 Team to End AIDS runners
One of my favourite things about the 23 mile celebrations, aside from my hilarious running mates, are these fantastic helium balloons which are a lot of fun and a great way to share some incredible training season memories.
T2 Team to End AIDS runners celebrate 23 miles
I've now raised $1,200 for AIDS Project L.A. by running this, my 3rd L.A. Marathon training with the T2 team, and hope there'll be more donations on the way. Please DONATE TODAY (maybe $23 to mark this special occasion) if you can help this amazing organisation that provides such invaluable support to thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS.
Jason celebrates 23 miles
Tick, tock. Let the final countdown to the big day begin...

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