Saturday, February 9, 2013

A frosty 20 miles marathon training...

Brrrrrr, it was a chilly start this morning in Griffith Park for our 20 mile run. You don't see frost often in L.A., but the grass and cars in the local neighbourhoods were covered with a white coating first thing.

February frost Griffith Park
Fortunately once we were running out in the sunshine we soon warmed up and started to thaw out after our 6:30am start.
T2 Runners marathon training
We're only 36 days away from the L.A. Marathon and I've raised $1,100 this season to benefit AIDS Project Los Angeles, with more to come hopefully (and you can DONATE
too if you'd like to support this worthwhile cause).

As always on these long training runs it's my T2: Team to End AIDS marathon teammates that keep me motivated and entertained, which makes mile after mile much more fun and enjoyable than training solo.
T2 Runners marathon training
Luckily my dodgy leg held up and the run went well, especially as it was a such a beautiful morning.

I had a surprise in the park on my return to our training base camp, discovering that Charlie and our Labrador Cooper were there to welcome me back after the 20 miles.
Runners icebath cup tea
Not such a treat, but always a necessity after a long run, was my ice-bath back home with a warm cuppa to help keep me warm whilst I sat there freezing cold for fifteen endless minutes.
Run Forrest Run sign
Time is ticking down now, so I'll leave you with these inspiring words from the Forrest Gump movie which always make me smile when I spy them (like I did the other day at Universal CityWalk).

Run, Forrest, Run...

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