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Cool TV and movie billboards around L.A. in February 2013...

February may be a short month, but there certainly wasn't a shortage of new billboards around L.A. these past few weeks. Once again I've done my best to capture to coolest examples from the worlds of television and the big screen, even though spilling a cup of tea over my laptop keyboard has slightly hampered my efforts this month.

TV billboards
Client List 2 mannequin installation billboard
One of my favourite billboards lining the skies this month has to be this spectacular mannequin installation for the second season of Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Client List.
Client List season 2 giant billboard
And if that wasn't enough to grab your attention, Lifetime's saucy show also had this giant-sized billboard along Sunset Boulevard too.
Giant Game of Thrones season 3 dragon shadow billboard
Game of Thrones third season is almost here and these cool shadow creatives is telling me there will be more dragons on the horizon.
Game of Thrones 3 dragon shadow billboard
If you're a fan of the show, be sure to also check out all these previous Game of Thrones TV show billboards.
Giant Vikings longship prow teaser billboard
There were lots of super-sized creatives this month, which I always love, including these stunning giant billboards on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood for History's new Vikings series.
Giant Vikings billboard Andaz Hotel
I can't help but think that Vikings wouldn't have been made if not for the success of such Medieval genre themed shows like Game of Thrones either. If you like these, be sure to check out even more Vikings series premiere and special extension billboards at my Daily Billboard blog.
Monday Mornings TNT billboard
A new TV season means more new shows like TNT's new medical drama, Monday Mornings, from Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelly.
House of Cards Netflix billboard
Meanwhile Kevin Spacey's return to the small screen in a remake of the British House of Cards political drama series is also important because it's the first offering from Netflix which doesn't require viewers to wait week after week for the next episode. Is this the future of TV viewing?
History of The Eagles billboard
Before talk of the future though, here's an extra tall billboard for the History of the Eagles rock band documentary.
Fashion Star season 2 billboard
Fashion Star is back for a second season of the reality show competition, where catwalk fashion designers hope to see their designs make it into high street stores.
Giant Bates Motel series premiere billboard Sunset Strip
Bates Motel continues its onslaught of advertising with this giant billboard for the Psycho TV series prequel towering over L.A.'s busy Sunset Strip.
Cult TV billboard
And speaking of crazy people, this billboard for The CW's new series Cult almost makes your eyes go funny just by looking at it.
Red Widow season 1 billboard
Plus in ABC's new series a recently widowed mother must take on the criminal underworld to protect her family and avenge her murdered husband in Red Widow.
Delocated series finale billboard
Once again Delocated got my loudest laugh this month when I saw this cheeky creative for the series finale of Jon Glaser's comedy about the witness protection program.
Workaholics season 4 billboard
Workaholics got weird for their fourth season billboard, although nothing can beat their Fully Torqued special installation billboard from last season.
Jeselnik Offensive Dark Comedy billboard
Plus there was more dark comic observations courtesy of The Jeselnik Offensive on Comedy Central.
Giant Real Time Bill Maher billboard
And for more political satire this Real Time with Bill Maher billboard with its witty tagline towered over Sunset Strip.

Movie bilboards
Argo Awards nominations billboard
I was so pleased for Ben Affleck when his third directorial effort, Argo, took home Best Picture at this year's Oscars. The movie about the covert 1980's Iranian Embassy siege rescue mission is a real solid and gripping movie and it deserves the recognition it received, especially after being snubbed in the nominations for Best Director
Saving Lincoln movie billboard
And even though Steven Spielberg's historical epic Lincoln missed out on many Academy Awards, there were still two other films who tried to cash in with their own Lincoln based films this month.
Giant Killing Lincoln movie billboard Sunset Strip
Speaking of Civil Rights and to mark Black History Month this year, Lifetime movies had the story of Betty & Coretta, the widows of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X, who kept their dreams alive.
Betty Coretta Lifetime billboard
Talking about dreams, Beyoncé Knowles could be seen towering over Sunset Strip in mono during February for her new HBO documentary film.
Giant Beyonce Life is but a Dream billboard
If you saw the giant billboard for Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful last month, then you'll love this new eye-catching special extension version gracing the skies of L.A. in the past few weeks.
Oz Great Powerful movie billboard
And if you can't get enough of magical tales, then there were plenty of billboards all over L.A. for the new teen witch fantasy Beautiful Creatures.
Beautiful Creatures movie billboard
Yes, fairytales and fables seem to be big business in Hollywood at the moment, first it was Hansel & Gretel and next up it's Jack and his magic beanstalk.
Supersized Jack Giant Slayer movie billboard
If you're a fan of the rising star Nicholas Hoult, be sure to check out all these different Jack The Giant Slayer movie billboard creatives.
Jack Giant Slayer extension movie billboard
Another billboard that really caught my eye this month was this striking red creatives for Halle Berry's new 911 thriller, The Call.
Halle Berry Call movie billboard
If you're a fan of submarine thrillers then it looks like the forthcoming Phantom movie is the film for you.
Giant Phantom movie billboards Sunset Boulevard
And if you need more of a military fix, then the long delayed G.I. Joe: Retaliation should be able to quench your thirst for action.
GI Joe Retaliation Roadblock billboard
If it's fun you're after then DreamWorks new prehistoric animated feature The Croods should be just the ticket.
Croods special extension movie billboard
And for some modern day magic, there's the new comedy starring Steve Carell and Jim Carrey, the name itself, 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone', is enough to make you smile.
Burt Wonderstone film billboard
So as you can see the skies have been jam-packed with billboards once again this month and I'm sure it's only going to get busier as Spring approaches.

If you like this selection of TV and movie billboards, be sure to stick around in the days to come for a fantastic round-up of this month's best fashion, drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A. too...

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