Monday, February 18, 2013

Cooper explores the Venice Canals in California...

Can you believe that in almost five years of living in L.A. I'd never visited the Venice Canal Historic District and neither had our pup Cooper.

Labrador Cooper Venice Canals
So for this Presidents Day weekend we drove down to Venice to explore the pretty man-made canals from 1905 that sought to recreate the feel and look of Venice, Italy in Southern California.
Historic Venice Canal District California
Whenever friends and family come to visit I always forget this picturesque neighbourhood and end up taking them to the tourist traps of Venice Beach instead, but this is a much more pleasant experience by far.
Venice Canals Southern California
Poor Cooper though, being an ocean loving Labrador the moment he caught a whiff of the Pacific Ocean he thought he was headed to chase tennis balls along the sea shore instead.
Labrador Cooper Venice Canals
Even more confusing for him was all the water in front of him, like one never ending swimming pool, that he wasn't allowed to dive into and yet ducks and other birdlife could.
Venice Canals ducks
Apparently the canals were most recently renovated in 1992 and there's still lots of houses being modified and updated today.
Venice Canal Historic District
What struck me most on our stroll was how different and individual each and every house looked, plus how pretty all the shrubs and succulents planting along the walkways were.
Venice Canal Historic District California
You also really notice that it's also quite a densely packed area and you'd really need to get along with your neighbour, both next door and across the water from you.
Venice Canal Historic District California
If you live there, you'd also have to be fine with lots of strangers walking past every day sightseeing.
Venice Canals birdlife
I'm certainly glad I finally made the time to walk around the canals, although next time I think it would be more relaxing for everyone if Cooper stayed at home and we treated him to a beach visit some other day instead.
Venice Canals California
An excited 80lb Labrador isn't the easiest thing to navigate around such a narrow enclosed area, especially with other tourists, often with young children and other dogs trying to do the same thing.
Labrador Cooper Venice Canals
Regardless, a nice afternoon was had by us all and I'm sure there's lots of other places to explore that are more to Cooper's liking in the future.

Until then...

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