Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Well, maybe not over the rainbow, but certainly over the Hollywood Hills and in Burbank today, you'd have seen this magical hot air balloon take flight at the Walt Disney Studios backlot for their new live-action spectacular, Oz The Great and Powerful.

Oz Great Powerful hot air balloon Walt Disney Studios
The balloon is to help promote The Wizard of Oz prequel, starring James Franco as the titular magician behind the curtain and how he made his way to the Emerald City.
Oz Great Powerful movie billboard
It is set to appear at the World Premiere of the movie at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood tomorrow and will also apparently be taking a tour of the Walt Disney theme parks on both coasts.
Oz Great Powerful hot air balloon Disney Studios
You'll have to agree it's a pretty fabulous way to publicize the new fantasy film, plus I'm also really loving the cool billboards around L.A. for the movie at the moment.
Giant Great Powerful movie billboard
Oz The Great and Powerful opens on March 8th here in the U.S. and I can't wait to also get a closer look at some of the original costumes and props they'll have from the movie at the El Capitan Theatre when it opens.
Oz Great Powerful movie hot air balloon Disney Studios
Until then I'll just keep following the Yellow Brick Road with my friends of Dorothy here in West Hollywood...

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