Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cool film, TV and game billboards lining the skies of L.A. in March...

Just as the skies of Los Angeles have been filled with an assortment of fabulous fashion and lifestyle billboards this month, there have also been plenty of movie, TV, video games and music billboards to brighten L.A.'s skyline in March.

Movie billboards
Giant GI Joe Retaliation movie billboards
When I was downtown picking up my race packet for this year's L.A. Marathon, I glimpsed this spectacular trio of ninja and soldier billboards for G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Having now seen the movie I realise I'm probably twenty or so years too old to have enjoyed it.
Giant Jurassic Park 3D movie billboard
Because you demanded it (wait, you did?) Jurassic Park is getting a new cinematic release in 3D for the first time to mark its 20th anniversary and get audiences excited for a fourth installment planned for next year.
Olympus Has Fallen movie billboard
National monuments and iconic building being destroyed is becoming a Hollywood staple these days and Olympus Has Fallen is basically Die Hard in the White House, with another similar movie coming later this year called White House Down by the master of blowing things up, Independence Day's Roland Emmerich. At least this action movie gave Gerard Butler his first box office success in a long time.
Evil Dead movie remake billboard
And just as you can be sure that there'll be two competing movies with the same premise being developed at the same time in movieland, you can also guarantee there'll be another remake hitting the big screen at least once a month. This time it's a new version of Evil Dead, trying to reboot the franchise to try and wring some more money out of the cult horror favourite.
Phil Spector HBO film billboard
One of the cleverest movie billboards this month was for HBO's Phil Spector biopic, which really looks like it's an original paparazzi shot and not recreated by Helen Mirren and Al Pacino.
Burt Wonderstone movie billboard
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone didn't have the magic to sparkle at the box office, but I still liked all the tongue-in-cheek billboards for the comedy.
Tyler Perrys Temptation movie billboard
Meanwhile this biting the lip creative for Tyler Perry's Temptation really does live up to the film's title.

TV billboards
Mad Men season 6 billboard
I have to say I was super excited when I saw this season six billboard for Mad Men appear in the skies of L.A. this month, especially when I heard the illustration creative filled with plot clues was drawn by an original British ad man from the swinging 60's.
Giant Vikings season 1 billboard
The History Channel seems to have a hit on its hands with it's latest Norse-themed series, but then that's not surprising as they've spent a fortune advertising Vikings around L.A.
over the past few months. The series which chronicles the rise of 'Ragnor Lothbrok' got a giant-sized new billboard this month along Sunset Strip featuring the ex-Calvin Klein model who plays him, Travis Fimmel.
Veep season 2 TV billboard
Julia Louis-Dreyfus' inept Vice President is back for a second season of Veep and had this hilarious creative on the side of West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel which really helps sum up the premise of the HBO comedy series.
Nurse Jackie Season 5 billboard
Meanwhile Edie Falco is back for a fifth season of the pill-popping Nurse Jackie with this funny homage to beauty pageant winners.
Hannibal series premiere TV billboard
Mads Mikkelson seems destined to play villains, first in 007's Casino Royale and now stepping in to fill the shoes of Hollywood's most notorious cannibal serial killer, 'Dr. Hannibal Lecter', in NBC's new Hannibal TV crime thriller.
Orphan Black series premiere billboard
I have my DVR set for Orphan Black as the clone sci-fi thriller seems like my kind of television and this billboard for the series premiere is pretty captivating too.
Ben Show billboard
On the comedy side, comedian Ben Hoffman gets those idiots at Comedy Central to give him his own show, and billboard to promote it too.
Nathan Fielder Business Expert billboard
That was followed by this clever golden name plate billboard for Comedy Central's Nathan For You show, about comedian Nathan Fielder using his business knowledge to 'help' struggling businesses.
2 Broke Girls season 2 billboard
Meanwhile this month 2 Broke Girls received a much better billboard than their series debut creative to help support the second season of their hit CBS sitcom.
Loiter Squad season 2 billboard
Plus Adult Swim's Loiter Squad was back with this slightly psychedelic creative for the sophomore season of their comedy sketch show.
Ready For Love series premiere billboard
Earlier I bemoaned Hollywood's lack of originality with its constant stream of remakes and lookalike movies, the same could also be said for their output of TV shows. NBC's new Ready For Love dating show is basically The Bachelor multiplied by three. What's so innovative about that? No wonder the network's ratings are plummeting.
Beverly Hills Pawn billboard
Speaking of reality shows, Beverly Hill Pawn is a new series, bound to attract attention with its tongue-in-cheek play on words, following a pawn broker in Hollywood's elite post code dealing with luxury antiques and priceless treasures when the rich of famous need a sudden injection of cash.
Vice series premiere TV billboard
Whilst if you're looking for some cutting edge and offbeat stories from around the world not covered by the likes of CNN and BBCHBO's Vice is the news magazine show for you.

Game billboards
God of War Ascension video game billboard
This month with the Easter gifting period looming lots of video games billboards popped up around L.A. like this creative for Gods of War: Ascension, the seventh installment in the gaming franchise.
Tomb Raider Reborn video game billboard
The iconic Lara Croft was reborn this month with a franchise reboot for Tomb Raider, to wow another generation of gamers.
BioShock Infinite video game billboards
Plus the highly anticipated BioShock: Infinite debuted and had these super-sized billboards along Sunset Strip to attract attention.

Music billboards
Daft Punk Random Access Memories album billboard
Meanwhile over on the music scene, which can usually be fairly average fare in terms of billboards creatives, there was this cool futuristic looking special extension ad for Daft Punk's new album, Random Access Memories.
Atoms for Peace Amok album billboard
This month Atoms for Peace had this spectacular looking visual for their new album Amok, which seems specially tailored for the local Hollywood audience.

Misc. billboards
Ashley Drayton Actress Model billboard
And finally, here's a novel way to make your big break in Hollywood, by advertising your availability and talents. I'm surprised more people haven't thought of it, so hope it's worth the expense.

As you can see there's never a dull moment in the skies of L.A. and you can see more every day at Daily Billboard.

Remember to come back next month for more great billboard round-ups...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fab fashion and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in March...

Wow, what a busy month it's been for billboards. It feels like every advertiser is waking up for Spring and the skies are bursting with colour, especially in the fashion and lifestyle arena. Here are the best of what L.A. had to offer in March, veritable visions in vinyl.

Fashion and beauty billboards
Nicki Minaj Mac Cosmetics Viva Glam billboard
Never one to shy away from colour, Nicki Minaj looks wonderfully vibrant in her swimming pool for Mac Viva Glam billboard (although looking at this creative you wonder why they ever replaced RuPaul as spokesperson for Mac Cosmetics).
Banana Republic Spring 2013 billboard
Meanwhile this new Banana Republic creative is a vision in green and really does breath new life into Spring.
Marc Jacob Spring 2013 stripes billboard
On the other end of the spectrum, this edgy black and white striped billboard for Marc Jacobs is wonderfully fashion forward.
Guess Spring 2013 beach billboard
Guess is another fashion brand that wants to get you excited for warmer weather and sunnier climes with its latest beach billboard.
Tommy Hilfiger nautical Spring 2013 billboard
And Tommy Hilfiger has gone all nautical this month after launching its new Robertson Boulevard store with its Hilfigers Hollywood Sign ad campaign.
Giant Forever 21 Coachella capsule collection billboard
Forever 21 made a spectacle of itself with this super-sized billboard along Sunset Strip for the fashion brand's capsule collection for the Coachella Festival.
Burberry Romeo Beckham trenchcoat billboard
Young Romeo Beckham continued to bring his cheeky charm to the skies of Sunset Plaza, looking striking against this red background in Burberry's signature trenchcoat.
Matthew Terry Calvin Klein Concept underwear billboard
Whilst Matthew Terry brought the muscle in this hot underwear billboard for Calvin Klein concept. If you like this ad, you should also check out the ripped male model washed up on the rocks for Calvin Klein Jeans last year.
Prada Spring 2013 billboard
High fashion label Prada changed from its eyewear ad to this latest Spring collection billboard, which almost resembled a vintage oil painting pose on the left.
Stuart Weitzman shoes Kate Moss billboard
Meanwhile supermodel Kate Moss graced the skies of L.A. for Stuart Weitzman shoes in this leggy creative.
Hudson Jeans Abbey Road billboard
Hudson Jeans brought the London vibe to Los Angeles with this Instagram-inspired photo-story this month.
Jessica Simpson on the rocks billboard
Fashion Star's Jessica Simpson reclined on the rocks by the ocean to soak up some sun in her latest clothing line looks.
Dear America Joe Fresh JCP billboard
And the gay-friendly retailer JCP announced to America the arrival of design brand Joe Fresh in its stores.
Salvatore Ferragamo eyewear 2013 billboard
You never need an excuse to wear sunglasses in L.A., but let's face it, Salvatore Ferragamo does it with such style and panache.
Bulgari Spring 2013 eyewear billboard
And not to be outdone Bulgari wants to show off its new eyewear and jewelry collections for Spring.
Ippolita Spring 2013 jewelry billboard
Plus speaking of jewelry, Ippolita had this steamy and striking billboard turning heads high over Sunset Plaza in March.

Drinks billboards
Red Velvet Zing Vodka billboard
If you love Red Velvet Cake, then it looks like Zing Vodka has brought out the perfect new flavour for you and this indulgent creative certainly catches your eye.
Becks Sapphire billboard Hollywood
Whilst if beer is more your thing, then it looks like Beck's Sapphire is a new refreshing brew to keep you cool in the sunshine.
Becks Sapphire billboard
Plus Stella Artois wants to get your attention to inspire you to quench your thirst with this super-sized creative on the side of the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood.
Giant Stella Artois Mondrian Hotel billboard
Or maybe you like to share a bottle of whisky with friends, like Elijah Wood with his Bushmills.
Bushmills Elijah Woods billboard

Car billboards
Kia Optima NBA billboard
I don't usually feature many car ads, but a few have been catching my magpie eye recently, like this NBA endorsed billboard for the Kia Optima (although why they need cars on the basketball court is anyone's guess).
Chevrolet Sonic Find New Roads billboard
Plus I also spied another addition to Chevrolet's Find New Roads billboards which I think is a well designed and arresting ad campaign.

Finance billboards
Sit back deposit relax Wells Fargo billboard
Financial advertising, like auto ads, are seldom that interesting, but I do like how banks like Wells Fargo are embracing new technology with their advertising and the services they provide.
Sent $$ for your birthday Wells Fargo billboard
Mercury Insurance have popped up again this month with several new mini creatives, but be sure to check out their previous copy only billboards which are quite clever and witty (and often bash their competitors quite slyly).
better hands Mercury Insurance billboard
Discover it Less plastic more human billboard
Meanwhile in a clever play on words the new Discover credit card promises to be more human and less stiff and rigid.
MasterCard Priceless golfing billboard
And MasterCard proves that finance advertising doesn't have to be all about interest rates and low fees with its nice aspirational lifestyle ads.

Technology billboards
iPad husky billboard
This month a new wave of billboards for the iPad and iPad mini side-by-side arrived in the skies and this snowy creative stood out most of all in sunny L.A.
Giant WD absolutely billboard
Plus Western Digital spent a shed load of money trying to tell us about their little black box, which promises to be the answer to all your digital problems.

Sports billboards
LA Galaxy 2013 billboard
In sport it looks like it's soccer season, or as we call it in the U.K., football.

Health billboards
 got your back HIV billboard
And in the world of safe sex, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation rolled out a colourful, literal new campaign stating 'We've got your back'.

Travel billboards
Cultural Fusion Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace billboard
I'm not a huge fan of Las Vegas, but the new Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace sounds like it may be my cup of tea (or is that sushi).
Giant Turkey tourism billboard
And Turkey tried to tempt Los Angelenos and visiting tourists alike to foreign locales with this giant-sized romantic billboard on the side of the Sofitel Hotel.

So, as you can see there was lots of billboard variety around the City of Angels this month. Stay tuned in the days to come for the latest TV, film, games and music creatives filling the skies in March...