Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just one week until my 3rd L.A. Marathon...

By this time next week it'll all be over and I'll have completed my third L.A. Marathon (and fifth in total in the past two years).

Final countdown to the L.A. Marathon 2013
LA Marathon 2013 road closure sign San Vicente Blvd
The final week before the big race is always an exciting time, often filled with some anxiety dreams (like oversleeping, losing your way along the course, having no socks or in my case getting lost running through Downton Abbey) and it's also when road closure signs like this one start popping up all over L.A.

This sign was spied along San Vicente Boulevard which you run down between mile 14 and mile 15, past West Hollywood's Fire Station #7.

Rainy San Vicente Boulevard in 2011
Rainy LA Marathon 2011 San Vicente Blvd
My first year I was already drenched my the monsoon conditions by that stage and totally missed Charlie standing in the rain with Cooper to give me moral support, but last year I saw them with their homemade sign and it brought a tear of joy to my eye.

Relief at crossing the Finish Line of my first marathon
Crossing rainy LA Marathon 2011 Finish Line
This week is all about taking it easy, lots of sleep, eating right, not drinking any alcohol and trying to get any last minute DONATIONS for AIDS Project Los Angeles, the amazing charity I'm running for.

I can't wait to run those empty streets again. Empty of cars, that is, but filled with thousands of fellow runners...

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