Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Best TV billboards lining the skies of L.A. in April 2013...

There certainly were an abundance of billboards lining the skies of L.A. this month and here's the best that TV had to offer.

TV billboards
Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell teaser billboard
One of my favourites this month had to be this clever copy-only teaser billboard for a new Adult Swim comedy series. You'll be forgiven if you take this seriously at first as it's so appropriate for looks obsessed LA-LA land, especially when there are so many religious nuts out there spewing this nonsense too. If you like this, be sure to check out the follow up billboard for Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.
Giant Veep season 2 billboard
Julia Louis-Dreyfus already had lots of billboard support for the sophomore season of Veep
, but when you're an award-winning Vice President you obviously get as many super-sized billboards as you want, like this one towering over L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
Giant Louis CK Oh My God billboard
Meanwhile this super-sized billboard for Louis C.K.'s latest HBO comedy special proved that he's head and shoulders above other comedians.
Awkward season 3 MTV billboard
Speaking of comedy, MTV's teen dramedy Awkward returned for a third season with this fresh faced creative.
DaVincis Demons Starz billboard
With Spartacus coming to an end on Starz, it looks like the cable channel looked to the past again for inspiration for its new DaVinci's Demons series set in Renaissance Italy.
Borgias season 3 billboard
Whilst that crafty Borgias family return for a third season in the same era over on Showtime.
Hemlock Grove Netflix billboard
Hemlock Grove is Netflix new original horror-fantasy series available for binge-viewing and that hand reaching out of the wolf's jaws almost looks like it could have been influenced by Michelangelo's hand of God in The Creation of Adam mural.
Defiance special extension billboard
From the past to the future and I loved this special extension billboard for Syfy's ambitious new series, Defiance, which really catches your eye.
Rectify billboard
Meanwhile the Sundance Chanel debuted its first original series from the producers of Breaking Bad, Rectify.
Rogue TV billboards
And Thandie Newton goes Rogue in a new undercover cop drama for DirecTV and gets this trio of billboards this month.
Storage Wars season 4 billboard
In the world of reality TV, Storage Wars returns for a fourth season of treasure hunting in abandoned storage lockers.
Counting Cars season 2 billboard
And Counting Cars is back for another fly-on-the-wall season of restoring and selling classic autos in Vegas.
LA Frock Stars billboard
From classic cars to vintage clothes, L.A. Frock Stars hunt out the best timeless outfits for Hollywood's glitterati to wear down the red carpet.
Call Me Crazy Lifetime TV movie billboard
Speaking of stars, Lifetime's latest TV movie event Call Me Crazy sports a host of celebs from Oscar winners Jennifer Hudson, Octavia Spencer and Melissa Leo, to Melanie Griffith and Brittany Snow.
One Life To Live teaser billboard
And last but by no means least, we started with a copy-only ad, so it seems only appropriate to finish with one. Here's one of the teasers for returning daytime soap One Life To Live, be sure to check out the other fun teaser billboard for All My Children, who have both been granted a brand new lease of life on The Online Network.

Be sure to stay tuned for another round-up next month, but check out Daily Billboard
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cool drinks and lifestyle billboards brightening L.A.'s skies in April 2013...

The skyline of L.A. is never boring when there are so many different billboards to ogle over. Here's a collection of eye-catching drinks and lifestyle ads lining the city streets in April 2013.

Drinks billboards
Vitamin Water Make Boring Brilliant billboard
This new Vitamin Water billboard really pops with colour and it feels young, vibrant and certainly not boring at all. If you like this creative, be sure to check out the previous Vitamin Water ad campaign.
Beyonce Pepsi Live for Now billboard
Meanwhile Beyonce hardly looks like a black woman anymore in this latest billboard for Pepsi.
Psy Chamisul Soju billboard
And I had to stop and take a picture of this Psy billboard for the Chamisul Soju alcoholic drink when I was driving through L.A.'s Koreatown.
Smirnoff Makers of the mix billboard
Speaking of music, this month Smirnoff shouted about its sponsorship of VH1's DJ competition, Master of the Mix with the vodka brand's latest billboard along Sunset Strip.
Ciroc Vodka billboard
And Ciroc Vodka seems to be using two year old award credentials in this latest billboard. Hmmm, has no one had anything good to say about the brand since 2011?
Don Julio Raise your drink billboard
Plus tequila brand Don Julio wants you to raise your drink to Summer, especially as Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching.

Sports billboards
Dodgers Whole new blue billboard
Things were getting sporty in the City of Angels this month as it looks like baseball season is here, with new billboards for the Dodgers and Anaheim Angels.
Anaheim Angels extension baseball billboard
Two very different approaches to grab your attention, but I'm always a sucker for a special extension billboard.
Troy Aikman UCLA billboard
Plus I like this UCLA billboard which uses a former graduate and American Football quarterback star, Troy Aikman, to promote the university with a fun tagline.

Car and fuel bilboards
Giant Chevrolet Find New Roads billboard
Chevy continued rolling out its stylish Find New Roads ad campaign this month, with this super-sized billboard for the 2013 Chevrolet Volt on the side of West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel.
Volvo 100% real billboard
And Volvo had this humorous creative for S60, although it's always a tricky line when you're having fun at the expense of the local population. In this case though the truth hurts, as there are a lot of fake, superficial people (and body parts) in Los Angeles.
Why the long beep 76 billboard
Plus L.A. drivers will appreciate this billboard from 76 gas stations, as the residents of this city are very impatient and quick to honk with the slightest provocation.

Travel and transport billboards
Virgin America music billboard
Virgin America returned to the skies of L.A. in April with their 'Fly with' airline ad campaign and I'd not seen this particular portrait creative before.
Metro ice cream van extension billboard
From planes to getting around L.A. without a car, I thought this special extension ice cream van creative for the Metro was pretty attention grabbing this month.

Charity billboards
NKLA dog adoption billboard
If you're in the market to get a dog (they really are man's best friend), then you should check out this No Kill L.A. adoption weekend to find your very own Hollywood hound.

Health billboards
GNC male fitness model billboard
Summer is fast approaching and things are heating up for swimming pool and beach party season. Too many of the men at my gym look like this guy from GNC Live Well's latest giant billboard, seriously, and I can't tell whether that's motivating eye-candy or a bit demoralising, when no matter how many marathons I run I'll never look like this.
HIV Care billboard
This month I also managed to track down another colour variant in AIDS Healthcare Foundation's We've got your back ad campaign. It's a simple, but very arresting campaign.

Arts billboards 
Tyler Shields Suspense billboard
Talking about eye-catching billboards, this striking billboard for Tyler Shields 'Suspense' photography exhibition totally stand out along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

Gambling billboards
Believe lottery teaser billboard
And finally for this round-up, this teaser creative for the new California Lottery Powerball draw was one of my favourites because of its design simplicity, which really had a superb aspirational quality to it.

Like I said, there really never is a dull moment in the skies of L.A., and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Stay tuned for more eclectic collections of TV and fashion billboards in the days to come...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Movies and music billboards around L.A. in April 2013...

The skies of L.A. have been filled with superheroes and sci-fi in April as the Summer blockbuster season begins. Here's a selection of the coolest movie and music billboards that have caught my eye this month.

Movie billboards
Wolverine movie teaser billboard
I loved this iconic teaser for Marvel's clawed Canadian mutant and the other cool billboards for The Wolverine lining the city's sky.
Giant Iron Man 3 billboard
Meanwhile Robert Downey Jr. loomed large over Sunset Plaza as an armoured 'Tony Stark' in this giant-sized Iron Man 3 billboard.
Star Trek Into Darkness billboard
The Starship Enterprise looks like it's in trouble in these eye-catching billboards for Star Trek Into Darkness.
After Earth movie billboard
Father and son, Will and Jaden Smith, reunite on the big screen in another sci-fi movie, After Earth.
Oblivion film billboard
Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski continued to recycle more than a few sci-fi tropes for the adaptation of his own graphic novel, Oblivion, to the big screen. Not even box office juggernaut Tom Cruise could inject emotion into this hollow futuristic tale.
Hobbit bluray billboard
Finally managed to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on Blu-ray, although it's far too long and I don't have a clue what they are going to fill two other films with.
Brass Teapot movie billboard
Another comic book series gets the movie treatment, as a young couple discover A Brass Teapot that pays them money whenever they hurt themselves.
Great Gatsby remake billboard
Baz Luhrmann reimagines The Great Gatsby for a new generation and I have to say I'm tempted by the lavish trailers, even with ever-frowning Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular character. Be sure to check out these other opulent and whimsical billboards for The Great Gatsby movie remake.
Big Wedding movie billboard
Looks like Mamma Mia's Amanda Seyfried is getting married again in another romantic comedy, this time The Big Wedding.
Peeples movie billboard
Meanwhile Scandal's Kerry Washington follows up Django Unchained with another comedy about a marriage proposal, Peeples.
Pain Gain movie billboard
Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Anthony Mackie get together for their pumped up crime comedy Pain & Gain. If you're a fan of the actors, be sure to check out these original costumes from Pain & Gain on display.
Mary and Martha HBO billboard
In other news, Hilary Swank tries her best to salvage her credibility after being paid to attend the human rights violating Chechen Republic President's birthday bash by playing a grieving mother in HBO's malaria drama, Mary and Martha.
Rebel Wilson MTV Movie Awards billboard
Flavour-of-the-month Rebel Wilson looked dynamite in this billboard for the MTV Movie Awards.
MTV Movie Awards billboard
And TCM celebrated their Classic Film Festival with this retro martial arts movie billboard.
TCM Classic Film Festival billboard

Music billboards
Rdio Discover music billboard
In April the digital music subscription service Rdio debuted their second wave of colourful kaleidoscopic ads which could easily work as an Apple iTunes ad if you replaced the logos.
Daft Punk Random Access Memories billboard
After teasing us with a billboard without copy, Daft Punk added the title of their new album to this cool creative.
Sonos playbar Deadmau5 billboard
Sonos new playbar sound system could easily fit in the technology category, but as this new billboard features DJ Deadmau5, I thought it would be a good fit here too.
JT 2020 album billboard
Justin Timberlake brought out his latest album, The 20/20 Experience, it's just a shame they couldn't have paid for a better, unobstructed billboard site to promote it.
Prince Vegas billboard
Shhh, don't tell anyone but Prince is playing at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.
Eagles Bluray billboard
And finally Showtime's History of The Eagles documentary is available to buy on Blu-ray and DVD this month.

As you can see there's lots of exciting new movies and music on the horizon, so be sure to check out my Daily Billboard blog to see the very latest film and music billboards as they appear.

Come back soon for another round-up of the creative ads around the streets of Los Angeles in April...

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