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Cool drinks and lifestyle billboards brightening L.A.'s skies in April 2013...

The skyline of L.A. is never boring when there are so many different billboards to ogle over. Here's a collection of eye-catching drinks and lifestyle ads lining the city streets in April 2013.

Drinks billboards
Vitamin Water Make Boring Brilliant billboard
This new Vitamin Water billboard really pops with colour and it feels young, vibrant and certainly not boring at all. If you like this creative, be sure to check out the previous Vitamin Water ad campaign.
Beyonce Pepsi Live for Now billboard
Meanwhile Beyonce hardly looks like a black woman anymore in this latest billboard for Pepsi.
Psy Chamisul Soju billboard
And I had to stop and take a picture of this Psy billboard for the Chamisul Soju alcoholic drink when I was driving through L.A.'s Koreatown.
Smirnoff Makers of the mix billboard
Speaking of music, this month Smirnoff shouted about its sponsorship of VH1's DJ competition, Master of the Mix with the vodka brand's latest billboard along Sunset Strip.
Ciroc Vodka billboard
And Ciroc Vodka seems to be using two year old award credentials in this latest billboard. Hmmm, has no one had anything good to say about the brand since 2011?
Don Julio Raise your drink billboard
Plus tequila brand Don Julio wants you to raise your drink to Summer, especially as Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching.

Sports billboards
Dodgers Whole new blue billboard
Things were getting sporty in the City of Angels this month as it looks like baseball season is here, with new billboards for the Dodgers and Anaheim Angels.
Anaheim Angels extension baseball billboard
Two very different approaches to grab your attention, but I'm always a sucker for a special extension billboard.
Troy Aikman UCLA billboard
Plus I like this UCLA billboard which uses a former graduate and American Football quarterback star, Troy Aikman, to promote the university with a fun tagline.

Car and fuel bilboards
Giant Chevrolet Find New Roads billboard
Chevy continued rolling out its stylish Find New Roads ad campaign this month, with this super-sized billboard for the 2013 Chevrolet Volt on the side of West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel.
Volvo 100% real billboard
And Volvo had this humorous creative for S60, although it's always a tricky line when you're having fun at the expense of the local population. In this case though the truth hurts, as there are a lot of fake, superficial people (and body parts) in Los Angeles.
Why the long beep 76 billboard
Plus L.A. drivers will appreciate this billboard from 76 gas stations, as the residents of this city are very impatient and quick to honk with the slightest provocation.

Travel and transport billboards
Virgin America music billboard
Virgin America returned to the skies of L.A. in April with their 'Fly with' airline ad campaign and I'd not seen this particular portrait creative before.
Metro ice cream van extension billboard
From planes to getting around L.A. without a car, I thought this special extension ice cream van creative for the Metro was pretty attention grabbing this month.

Charity billboards
NKLA dog adoption billboard
If you're in the market to get a dog (they really are man's best friend), then you should check out this No Kill L.A. adoption weekend to find your very own Hollywood hound.

Health billboards
GNC male fitness model billboard
Summer is fast approaching and things are heating up for swimming pool and beach party season. Too many of the men at my gym look like this guy from GNC Live Well's latest giant billboard, seriously, and I can't tell whether that's motivating eye-candy or a bit demoralising, when no matter how many marathons I run I'll never look like this.
HIV Care billboard
This month I also managed to track down another colour variant in AIDS Healthcare Foundation's We've got your back ad campaign. It's a simple, but very arresting campaign.

Arts billboards 
Tyler Shields Suspense billboard
Talking about eye-catching billboards, this striking billboard for Tyler Shields 'Suspense' photography exhibition totally stand out along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

Gambling billboards
Believe lottery teaser billboard
And finally for this round-up, this teaser creative for the new California Lottery Powerball draw was one of my favourites because of its design simplicity, which really had a superb aspirational quality to it.

Like I said, there really never is a dull moment in the skies of L.A., and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Stay tuned for more eclectic collections of TV and fashion billboards in the days to come...

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