Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm still running the Vancouver Marathon and here's some of my inspiration...

Words can't begin to describe how I feel about the bombings at the Boston Marathon, it's been an emotional week. But one thing is certain, I'm more determined than ever to run my first Vancouver Marathon on May 5, 2013.

Olympian Harry Jerome statue Stanley Park, Vancouver
Harry Jerome statue Stanley Park Vancouver
I was sickened and horrified by the tragic events on Monday for many reasons, not only for the poor victims who lost their lives or limbs, but for all the marathon participants who had trained for months and even years to qualify for this prestigious sporting event.

Olympic Cauldron Vancouver Harbour
Olympic Cauldron Vancouver Harbour
Now that I call myself a marathoner I was really affected by what occurred. I doubt I'll ever be able to run fast enough to qualify for Boston, but the sheer sense of achievement to have made it there and participate with all those other athletes (who are just men and women like you and I) should have been a day of joy and celebration, not one of terror.

Vancouver Harbour
Vancouver Harbour
I can't really articulate the thing that really hurt the most, that whoever did this horrible act targeted the innocent spectators, the friends and family there to provide that much needed encouragement for the runners, which I personally know is so appreciated and motivating to complete the 26.2 mile course.

Solo sculpture
Solo sculpture vancouver
Fortunately on the day my friends who were running were all safe and even in the midst of all that chaos I was encouraged by the acts of heroism I saw as the tragedy unfolded, people running towards the sites of the explosions and ripping away barriers to help the victims.

Stanley Park Totems
Stanley Park Totems
It truly was inspiring to see and made me realise the strength of the human spirit, although my heart really does go out to all those who have been affected by this tragedy.

Girl in a wetsuit sculpture
Girl in a wetsuit sculpture Stanley Park
Obviously much is still unknown about the motivation behind this attack, whether it's a domestic or a foreign threat, and it certainly has left me shaken with another race in a matter of weeks. Not just for my safety, but for the safety of my partner who's always there to show his support.

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver
Lions Gate Bridge Vancouver
But none of us can let this form of terrorism stop us from living our lives or following our dreams, and that's why I'll be running another marathon, and this time I'll be doing it for Boston.

Siwash Rock, Stanley Park
Siwash Rock Stanley Park
These photos are just some of the things and places that inspired me to sign up to run Vancouver, BC in the first place and I just thought I'd share them today.

Gateway sculpture
Gateway sculpture Vanier Park Vancouver
I once did a 20-mile training run around Stanley Park in preparation for another marathon and the fabulous outdoor art and beautiful scenery made the whole experience a real pleasure, and the miles just slipped away. Running really is a great way to discover the delights of a city.

Freezing Water sculpture
Freezing Water sculpture Vanier Park Vancouver
Let's hope some of the same sights will help inspire me as I run from Queen Elizabeth Park, along the Stanley Park Seawall and finishing at the Convention Center in Downtown Vancouver.

A-maze-ing Laughter statues
Amazeing Laughter statues English Bay
I'm keeping fingers crossed for some good running weather, that none of my running injuries cause problems and that I can achieve my goal of another sub-four marathon.

Digital Orca sculpture
Digital Orca sculpture Douglas Coupland
Let the countdown begin as in two short weeks I'll be boarding a plane to cross the border to Canada and picking up my race packet.

The Drop sculpture
Drop sculpture Vancouver Harbour
Every marathon course is unique and everyone's motivation for running is different, this time though I can't help but believe that Boston won't be far from our minds.

St. Paul's Hospital Festive Lights of Hope
St Pauls Hospital Festive Lights of Hope
Here's hoping we know more soon, and all my thoughts are with those running the London Marathon this Sunday. Have a safe, fun and successful race...

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