Thursday, April 18, 2013

Labrador Cooper's 5th birthday playdate....

In honour of Cooper's fifth birthday today, off we went to Runyon Canyon so he could play with his favourite gal pal, Tikka.

Labradors fetching ball
As you can see, he doesn't need a fancy party, balloons or a hat, he's happy with his friends chasing a ball around for a couple of hours.
Labradors Runyon Canyon
This is one of his favourite ways to spend his time and if he didn't have this playdate to look forward to, I'm sure we would have ended up at the beach (although he was already at Huntington Beach last Friday).
Yellow Labrador Cooper Runyon Canyon
It was a beautiful morning in L.A. to mark the occasion, with clear blue skies, even if it was beginning to get hot very early.
Dog playtime Runyon Canyon
He's certainly a lucky boy and even though he's wiped out now, I'm sure there'll be a treat or two in store for him this afternoon when he wakes up.
Labradors chasing balls Runyon Canyon
If you like these photos of of our boy having fun, be sure to also check out Cooper's 1st birthday memories, Cooper's 2nd birthday and his 4th birthday festivities, just to see what a charmed life he leads.
Labradors playing Runyon Canyon
It's hard to believe at times that it's been five years already (we've had him since he was an eight week old puppy), but it's all worth it to see that smile on his face though, that's one happy lab.
Happy Labradors
Happy 5th Birthday Cooper and many more to come...

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