Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Across time and space to the Doctor Who Experience...

This time last year they were installing the T.A.R.D.I.S. at Cardiff Bay, and a year later I've traveled all the way back from L.A. to enjoy the delights of the Doctor Who Experience in Wales.

11th Doctor Matt Smith waxwork and T.A.R.D.I.S.
11th Doctor Who Matt Smith TARDIS
I have to say I was overwhelmed and really impressed by the fantastic collection of original costumes, props and show sets from one of my favourite sci-fi shows that has been around for 50 glorious years.

Doctor Who Experience
Doctor Who Experience Cardiff Bay
Doctor Who has always evoked a sense of wonder and imagination, as well as sending a generation of kids hiding behind the sofa, so seeing this vast array of mostly original pieces used in the series, from the past and the very latest season, was a real joy.

Original Doctor Who costumes
Doctor Who costumes
Original Doctor Who costumes
After the walk-through interactive experience you come to the exhibition which features the iconic costumes worn by every Doctor from the the show, all eleven of them, through every regeneration.

Doctor Who's faithful computerised canine K-9
K9 Doctor Who Experience
Then just when you think you've seen everything, you go up the stairs and discover a veritable treasure trove of Doctor Who villains through the ages and costumes worn by the Doctor's companions, and even this life-size K-9 replica.

5th to 7th Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S. interior
5th-7th Doctor TARDIS interior
The exhibit also cleverly utilises control room interiors from different Doctors' travels in the T.A.R.D.I.S., from the classic designs I grew up with in the 80's to the more organic-looking steampunk modern day look, which makes for a real spectacle.

9th Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S. interior
9th Doctor TARDIS interior
You turn another corner and you discover even more classic characters from the show and it's especially fun to see all the different iterations of Daleks, Sontarans and Cyberman that have graced the BBC series from the 60's onwards.

Davros creator of the Daleks
Davros and the Daleks Doctor Who
It really is amazing how well received the British series has been since its relaunch in 2005, especially in the U.S. where a lot of my friends have come to love the space/time-traveling Timelord as much as I did growing up.

Modern day Cybermen
Cybermen Doctor Who
One of the great things about the beloved BBC series is that it covers a great diversity of characters, worlds and time periods, so you can go from period drama costumes to futuristic looking alien races and it all works together so cleverly.

Doctor Who fan-favourites The Silence
Silence Doctor Who Experience
And the wonderful thing about the show being around for so long is that classic Who monsters can be updated and re-invented like the recent return of the Ice Warriors.

2013 re-imagining of an Ice Warrior
2013 Ice Warrior Doctor Who
If I haven't said it enough already, this exhibition is worth the ticket price alone, especially as the costumes and props are not hidden away behind any display cases or screens.

3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee's car Bessie
3rd Doctor Who Bessie car
Even though they have more memorabilia from recent episodes, they still have some great treats for classic Whovians, like this yellow car 'Bessie' from the Jon Pertwee era.

Wooden King and Queen props from 
The Doctor, the Widow & the Wardrobe Christmas Special
Wooden Queen King Doctor Who
I was actually amazed to see so many items from the newer episodes and Christmas Specials, but as it films in the BBC studios just across from the exhibition space it's no wonder they can constantly refresh what's on display.

Original costumes and props from The Snowmen Christmas Special
Doctor Who Christmas 2012 episode costumes props
I for one can't wait to see what materialises next, be it more iconic blue police boxes or an invasion of more Daleks, Judoon or Weeping Angels.

Doctor Who's T.A.R.D.I.S in Cardiff Bay
TARDIS Cardiff Bay
That's all for now, I've literally got hundreds of fantastic photos to sort through from the exhibition.


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