Friday, May 3, 2013

An Olympic start to my Vancouver Marathon...

If you're going to run a marathon, you may as well do it in style and with a clear goal in mind. That's why when I picked up my race packet for the Vancouver Marathon today, I knew I had to head to the Olympic Cauldron from the city's 2010 Winter Olympics to serve as my inspiration for the race on Sunday.

Vancouver's Olympic Cauldron
Olympic Cauldron sculpture Vancouver
I'm looking forward to my sixth marathon and my last one for a little while, so that my body can get a well deserved rest (until the L.A. Marathon 2014 at least).
Vancouver Marathon runner
As you can see, it's a beautiful day here in Vancouver, with clear blue skies and a nice breeze. It's supposed to be heating up over the weekend, but I'm hoping there's favourable conditions for the marathon. I'd prefer cooler than running in the heat.
Vancouver Marathon race packet pickup
Arriving in Canada is always a pleasure, from the courteous and friendly welcome at immigration, to the helpful staff at our hotel and at the Marathon Expo at Vancouver's Convention Center. Even the cab drivers from the airport are nicer it seems.

Now that I've picked up my race no. (look for 2651) and taken in a few local sights, like one of my favourite sculptures in the harbour, The Drop, it's time to relax and carb load.

Blending in with the local scenery
The Drop Vancouver
I'm looking forward to running the beautiful 26.2 mile (or 42 km) course on Sunday, so wish me and all these other runners luck.

This one's for Boston...

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