Saturday, May 25, 2013

Giant topiary figures at Southbank's Festival of Neighbourhood...

There's always something interesting that catches my eye when I'm back in London and this time it's these giant topiary figures along the Southbank for this Summer's Festival of Neighbourhood.

London Southbank's giant topiary figures by Pirate Technics
Giant topiary figures Southbank Festival Neighbourhood
I always love to walk along the Thames and visit my old work stomping ground when I visit, regardless of the weather, and I couldn't help but notice how much is going on all along London's Southbank.
Giant topiary figures Southbank Waterloo Bridge
Giant topiary figure sweeping Southbank
Rooftop topiary figure sweeping Southbank
They are building all kinds of window box and quirky garden installations for a Festival of Neighbourhood, just like these whimsical topiary sculptures beside the Hayward Gallery looking out over Waterloo Bridge.
Southbank Festival of Neighbourhood topiary figures
Apparently the topiary installation by Pirate Technics is supposed to symbolise to people sweeping and clearing up the mess after the London riots of August 2011.
Southbank Festival of Neighbourhood topiary figure
Southbank Festival topiary figures Pirate Technics
Whatever they are for, they made me smile and it's nice to see how the Southbank has been transformed into such a hub of vibrant activity over the last few years since I've been away - it's almost unrecognisable from when I once worked in the area.

Now if the rain could just stop for five minutes and the sun shine for everyone to enjoy it...

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