Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sunset Strip's quirky new Jack Daniel's banners...

Am I the only one who loves these new Jack Daniel's sponsorship banners along The Sunset Strip, especially the quirky guitar strings and pick version?

Sunset Strip Jack Daniels guitar pick banner
It's a great association for the whisky brand and in keeping with the rock and roll lifestyle of L.A.'s infamous stretch of Sunset Boulevard.
Sunset Strip Jack Daniels banner
These fun and inventive banners are not the only presence the drinks brand has had along The Strip though, be sure to also check out this Jack & Jim Marshall tribute guitar and Jack Daniel's GuitarTown sculpture.
Sunset Strip Jack Daniel big hair banner
Sunset Strip Jack Daniels ad banner
Sunset Strip Jack Daniels guitar strings pick banner
They are also not averse to the occasional billboard advertising along Sunset Boulevard either, so check out this Jack Daniel's special extension billboard for their Whisky & Cola variant.
Sunset Strip Jack Daniels frontmen banner
Jack Daniels Sunset Strip guitar strings banner
Jack Daniels Sunset Strip ad banner
As you can see, there's always something that catches my magpie eye here in West Hollywood, I wonder what it will be next.
Jack Daniels Sunset Strip ad banner
I'm off on my travels for a few weeks, so I always wonder what will change by the time I get back.

Until then I raise a glass to your good health...

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Michelle Greene said...

I love those. I think they were very clever, and right on point for the area. The first one I saw was "The sunset strip, the street the rock built". I tried to find out where I could acquire one after they came down, but never made any progress. I hope they sold or auctioned them off for a charity, cause I think they would sell, as unique to that area.

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