Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting ready for L.A. Pride by looking back...

This year I'll be enjoying my sixth L.A. Pride since living in West Hollywood. I'm still not 100% sure what I have planned (although I'm sure plenty of champagne will be involved), but I thought a trip down memory lane would help provide some inspiration and ideas.

Cooper's ready for West Hollywood's Gay Pride celebrations
2 Daddies Labrador bandana
This year with lots of U.S. States making gay marriage legal, DOMA on the verge of being overturned and hopefully Proposition 8 struck down, we have a lot to celebrate and stand up and be proud about.

Here's some of the fun, spectacle and pride from the last several West Hollywood Pride Parades.

West Hollywood Pride drag 2008
West Hollywood Pride Parade 2008
West Hollywood Pride Parade 2008
West Hollywood Pride Parade 2008
West Hollywood Pride Parade 2008
You can never tell on the day whether the June gloom will have burned off in time for the parade, but let's face it, the go-go boys, drag queens, activists and all the lovely people participating all look better in a bit of sunshine.

WEHO Cheer LA Pride Parade 2009
West Hollywood Pride Parade Marriage Equality 2009
West Hollywood Pride Parade gay superheroes float 2009
Weho Pride Sister of Perpetual Indulgence 2009
Chelsea Handler West Hollywood Pride Parade 2009
Amongst all the glitter, balloons and rainbow-coloured floats and costumes there's always a celeb or two taking part to lend their support, like Chelsea Handler, Kelly and Sharon Osbourne, Johnny Weir, Andy Cohen and blasts from the past like 80's film star Molly Ringwald.

stiltwalkers LA Pride Parade 2010
West Hollywood Pride Parade muscle 2010
Sister Perpetual Indulgence LA Pride 2010
God love my gay kid LA Pride 2010
Bienstar dancer West Hollywood Pride 2010
Sharon Osbourne West Hollywood Pride 2010
As well as the people taking part in the parade it's always cool to see Santa Monica Boulevard lined with locals and visitors alike, from young and old, gay and straight, everyone comes out to show their support and enjoy the weekend.

weho Pride Parade 2011 drag gaga
West Hollywood Pride Parade 2011 drag
Johnny Weir West Hollywood Pride Parade 2011
Mickys Firetruck Weho Pride 2011
Andy Cohen West Hollywood Pride 2011
Last year was the first time I decided not to spectate, but actually take part and walk with my running group T2: Team to End AIDS and the charity we raise money for, AIDS Project Los Angeles.

West Hollywood Pride Parade Jesus 2012
Molly Ringwald LA Pride Parade 2012
West Hollywood Pride Parade 2012
Even with our recent victories, there's still so much to do and still a need for us as a community to stand up and be visible.

Let's hope the sun shines again this year and every has a happy and fun-filled Pride whatever they get up to.

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