Monday, June 10, 2013

L.A.'s Pride Parade 2013 was a gay old time...

Yesterday's annual L.A. Pride Parade was once again a lot of fun to watch as it wound its way along sunny Santa Monica Boulevard.

LA Pride Parade 2013 flag dancers
Hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors flocked to West Hollywood to celebrate with pride what it means to be free to be gay in all its colours of the rainbow. Here's just a selection of the interesting people, sights and festivities of the Parade.

L.A. Pride Parade Grand Marshal Maria Menounos
LA Pride Parade Grand Marshal Maria Menounos
Maria Menounos LA Pride Parade Grand Marshal 2013
I was especially endeared to this year's Parade Grand Marshall Maria Menounos (who I've watched compete on Dancing with the Stars and who hosts the Extra TV show), who was really going for it, joining in and playing to the crowds of spectators.

Hot muscle boys and tricks to ogle over
Abbey go-go boys LA Pride Parade 2013
Abbey go-go boy LA Pride Parade 2013
Andrew Christian underwear models LA Pride Parade 2013
NOH8 indian LA Pride Parade 2013
Aside from the minor celebrities and public dignitaries, there was also the usual assortment of hot go-go boys, colourful floats, drag queens and glitter galore. Most of all though, people seemed to be having fun, celebrating being out and proud.

Vibrant Pride Parade floats
APLA float LA Pride Parade 2013
City council float LA Pride Parade 2013
I also spied my next costume inspiration for Halloween, as this Wonder Woman costume was fabulous (although maybe not as epic as my zombie Wonder Woman costume at West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval this year). I actually think my ideal Pride float would be hundreds of people dressed as Wonder Woman having a wonderful time.
Drag Wonder Woman LA Pride Parade 2013
Along with my favourite iconic super-heroine, there were lots of real-life heroes marching in the Parade too, like these cyclists who'd ridden around 545 miles from San Francisco to L.A. this past week and raised a staggering amount of money for AIDS Lifecycle. Plus the fabulous T2: Team to End AIDS runners that I train for marathons with to benefit AIDS Project L.A.
AIDS Lifecycle LA Pride Parade 2013
T2 Team End AIDS LA Pride Parade 2013
Another of my favourite groups at the Parade are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who are always real crowd pleasers with their over-the-top and highly individual nuns costumes.

L.A.'s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence LA Pride Parade 2013
Sister Perpetual Indulgence LA Pride Parade 2013
Of course there are always lots of other fun characters taking part and making those couple of hours entertaining and a bit of a spectacle (with plenty of photo opportunities).
Pink flamingo costume LA Pride Parade 2013
Kabuki stiltwalker LA Pride Parade 2013
Aside from those who are there to party, my heart is always lifted when I see sights and signs like these. Support from friends and family and illustration of unconditional love. It's not always easy coming out, so to have the love, help and support of family and gay-friendly organisations is really invaluable.
Proud PFLAG Grandmother LA Pride Parade 2013
Gay Lesbian Center LA Pride Parade 2013
Gay Adoption LA Pride Parade 2013
Unconditional Love LA Pride Parade 2013
Equality activists LA Pride Parade 2013
Love has no gender LA Pride 2013
I'm also always delighted to see big companies supporting their LGBT employees and NBC Universal always has a huge contingent of participants in the L.A. Pride Parade from all their various networks, channels and theme parks. It's really encouraging to see an employer being so gay-friendly and celebrating their workforce, plus it can also work for them as they get to promote their latest shows or products, so it's a win-win all around.

NBC Universal marchers and dancers
NBC Universal Marchers LA Pride Parade 2013
NBC Universal dancers LA Pride Parade 2013
Obviously you can't beat a good drag queen either and WEHO Cheer never disappoint, and they seemed especially supercharged with enthusiasm this year. You go girls!
WEHO Cheer LA Pride Parade 2013
Yes the day may have started overcast with the usual June gloom, but the sun soon shone through and the colour started to flow along the boulevard.
LA Pride Parade 2013 flag dancers
Be sure to stick around in the days to come for even more fabulous moments from this year's West Hollywood festivities and check out these other Gay Pride Parades from L.A. and Vancouver here at Jason in Hollywood.
LA Pride Parade 2013 balloons
If you were there I hope you had fun, and here's to many more L.A. Pride Parades for years to come...

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