Friday, June 28, 2013

Refreshing drinks billboard advertising around L.A. in June...

The sun is shining brightly in L.A. and it feels like it's the 4th July weekend already, so let's get into the holiday spirit with these refreshing alcoholic and soft drinks beverage billboards from around the city streets in June.

Drinks billboards 
Open for Summer Coca-Cola billboard
One of my favourite drinks ad campaigns this month were Coke's Open for Summer billboards as they seemed to really capture the spirit of summertime with their outdoor imagery of BBQs, tents and sun umbrellas. You can check out out the two other ad creatives from their new campaign at my Daily Billboard blog.
Sparkling Ice Water billboard
Meanwhile this month I've also spotted a few different colour billboards for Sparking Ice Water's new bottled flavoured spring water. It really is amazing how many different ways companies try to sell us water and charge us a premium price for it too.
Svedka Vodka 2013 billboard
Svedka Vodka has always had some of my favourite billboards with their previous fembot ad creatives, but I'm also liking their new ad campaign to support their clear vodka and new flavoured product variants. If you like this vibrant ad, be sure to check out the rest of Svedka's new 2013 ad campaign to see what you think.
Clive Owen Three Olives Vodka billboard
It must be tough to be a vodka brand out there in the crowded marketplace, but it doesn't stop the likes of London-based Three Olives Vodka launching their new ad campaign featuring Brit actor Clive Owen.
Ciroc Lemonade Vodka billboard
Plus Ciroc Vodka isn't going to let anyone muscle in on their turf, so this month they've been suggesting you try their spirit with some zesty lemonade with their latest ads.
Candice Accola Midori billboard
Midori melon liqueur has a new celebrity endorsing it this month too. The Vampire Diaries actress Candice Accola replaced a pregnant Kim Kardashian as the face of the green alcoholic tipple on this new Greenlight the Night billboard.
Martell Journey next level billboard
Meanwhile Martell Cognac debuted a new ad creative along L.A.'s Sunset Strip, encouraging drinkers to 'Journey to the next level'.

Have you noticed that the product bottle really is the hero, or the star, in all these advertisements?
Find your beach Corona billboard
In the land of beer, Corona Extra is back again this year with their Find Your Beach campaign, which really does make you feel like relaxing on a tropical beach, or poolside, somewhere with a mouth-watering cold drink.
Stella Artois beer billboard Hollywood
Plus Stella Artois continues their latest 'Less a glass, more a display cabinet' campaign with this extra-tall billboard towering over Hollywood's Sunset & Vine. Be sure to check out more giant Stella Artois billboards along L.A.'s infamous Sunset Strip, where it's been since March this year.
Blue Moon beer billboard
Blue Moon beer also returns to the Strip this month with a much bluer creative, which stands out amongst its competitors because it's a painted design rather than photographed.
Heineken Star Bottle billboards
Plus Heineken continues to support its newly launched Star Bottle shape with lots of billboards, like these along Highland Avenue in Hollywood.
Budweiser Designate driver billboard
And finally, Budweiser is being the responsible one this month with this don't drink and drive message, which is especially important at this time of year when it's ever so easy to glug back a few beers in the summer heat and all those parties.

Food billboards
McDonalds Big Mac billboard 2013
And just in case you're feeling peckish, here are some fast food and snack advertisements to sate your munchies cravings. I'm not a McDonalds fan (I've not eaten there for many, many years), but this hamburger certainly looks impressive and deserves to be called a 'Big Mac' (now if only every single burger you bought actually looked like this).
Hostess Twinkies countdown 2013 billboard
There was a huge outcry when Hostess announced they'd stop production of their infamous Twinkies in November 2012, but it looks like the cream-filled snack will be back on shelves this summer. Let the countdown to your sugar high begin.

As you can see, there's loads of drinks brands competing for your hard earned cash this summer season and at least for me, making the skies of L.A. an interesting, ever-changing landscape of ideas.

Stick around for more billboard round-ups from June 2013 in the days to come...

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