Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Someone loved William Sweetlove's West Hollywood bulldog statues too much...

The week before L.A.'s annual Pride celebrations a parade of six pink and red resin bulldogs appeared along West Hollywood's Santa Monica Boulevard, but sadly by Monday morning one of the whimsical creatures was missing.

Lost dog!
William Sweetlove pink Cloned Bulldog Water Bottle
By now you should all know I love great public art, especially when it's as fun and contemporary as these sneaker-wearing (that's trainers for U.K. audiences) and bottle-carrying proud pooches.

William Sweetlove's Cloned Bulldogs with Water Bottle installation
Sweetlove Cloned Bulldogs Water Bottle
William Sweetlove red Cloned Bulldog with Water Bottle
Sweetlove Cloned Bulldogs with Water Bottle WEHO
That's why it's such a shame that someone has taken one of these statues by the Belgian artist, whether it be as a joke or for profit.
William Sweetlove Cloned Bulldogs with Water Bottle
Cloned Bulldogs Water Bottle
West Hollywood is such a pretty neighbourhood, not only because of the well manicured trees and shrubs, along with the clean streets, but also because of the colorful outdoor art that's always available to be seen.
Bulldogs with Water Bottle statues
red Cloned Bulldog with Water Bottle
As a rule it's normally respected and left untouched (probably because there are not that many disaffected youths living locally), but I'm a great believer that if you give people somewhere nice to live, they'll want to keep it looking that way.
William Sweetlove Bulldogs with Water Bottle
These giant bulldogs replaced the equally fabulous Route-66 neon lights that illuminated West Hollywood's streets for many months.
Sweetlove Red Cloned Bulldog statue
Plus if you like this outdoor installation, be sure to check out the fun Frostig sculpture collection which can be found on display further west along Santa Monica Boulevard at Doheny Drive, the border of Beverly Hills.
West Hollywood Cloned Bulldog statues
This new art installation really is appropriate for West Hollywood which seems filled to the rafters with dog lovers.

Let's hope this lost dog finds its way home to its empty plinth soon, so it can stand tall, guarding against any future thefts and helping to lift local spirits, just like dogs love to do.
West Hollywood Bulldog statue
Here boy...

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