Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eye-catching London Underground ads and outdoor billboards...

Looking back over some photos from my recent visit to the U.K. I came across this batch of London Underground posters and outdoor billboards that caught my eye and that I thought were worth sharing. Currently residing in L.A., I'm constantly amazed by the sheer abundance of ever-changing billboards filling the city's skies, but then I forget about all the advertising you are bombarded with on a daily basis whilst waiting at London Underground stations and traveling in the train carriages.

Yoda Vodaphone London Underground poster 2013
Never one to shy away from making money by licencing their Star Wars characters to the highest bidder, this Yoda tube poster for telecomms brand Vodaphone was priceless.

Back in 2011 when I was previously in London I also spotted a poster featuring C-3PO hawking appliances for Currys/PC World.

I wonder now that Disney owns Lucasfilm whether this type of character endorsement in advertising will be allowed to happen in the future.
World War Z London tube poster
Now that I've seen World War Z, and enjoyed it throughly, I'd say that the British ads for the movie were much more representative of the U.N. Nations character than the U.S. versions, which showed Brad Pitt with a gun slung over his shoulder like some apocalyptic action-hero.

Check out the American World War Z movie billboards at my Daily Billboard blog to compare the two designs.
The Purge London Underground poster
On the other hand, I really preferred L.A.'s mock emergency services billboards for The Purge compared to the British ad creative, which relied too heavily on more traditional horror villain fare. After watching it, I thought the movie certainly delivered more on what the U.S. ads promised.
Behind the Candelabra London tube poster
Another film that had a different ad creative in Britain compared to the U.S. was Behind the Candelabra, which also received a theatrical release in the U.K. whereas it was available on the HBO cable channel in America.

Being gay in L.A., plus having been to both Palm Springs (where I'm driving later today) and Las Vegas, I thought the film about 'Liberace' and his boy-toy 'Scott Thorson' was spectacular, even if it was ultimately a sad story.

Be sure to check out HBO's Behind the Candelabra billboards which were far less overt and created more of a mystique than the U.K. version in my humble opinion.
Magners Now is a good time billboard
Elsewhere around London I spied these cool ads for Magners cider, which is always a good indication that summer is around the corner (not that you could tell by the weather when I was visiting).

There's nothing like a glass of refreshing cool cider when the sun is shining in Britain (that and Pimms, of course).
Magners Now is a good time tube ad
Another refreshing billboard ad was this cute watermelon creative for 5 Gum, although the novelty of a clear blue sky also helped.
Watermelon 5 Gum billboard London
As you can see, even when I'm on 'holiday' I'm still scouting out cool advertising that catches my magpie eye.

Hmm, now I can't stop thinking about a cold cider to help quench my thirst in this California heatwave...

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