Saturday, July 6, 2013

Forever Marilyn helps us celebrate July 4th weekend in Palm Springs...

This 4th July weekend this giant Hollywood starlet lit up the sky better than any fireworks in Palm Springs and wished America a Happy Birthday.

Giant Forever Marilyn statue in downtown Palm Springs
Giant Forever Marilyn statue Downtown Palm Springs
We're renting a house for the festivities and on the way back from brunch in downtown Palm Springs I was delighted to spy the 26-ft Marilyn Monroe sculpture in her infamous pose.
Giant Marilyn Monroe statue Palm Springs
The statue really is a fabulous bit of whimsy, and a real crowd pleaser, as tourists were lining up to have their photos taken with 'Forever Marilyn' by J. Seward Johnson.
Palm Springs California
I've seen so many friends posting pictures of the iconic super-sized screen beauty on social media sites (with so many of them obsessed with looking under her skirt), so I'm glad to see her in person, especially as she'll apparently be off on her travels at the end of August 2013.
26ft Marilyn Monroe statue Palm springs
But believe me, there is no breeze in Palm Springs to make her skirt fly up like that, with muggy temperatures of 100°+ her dress would far more likely be sticking to her. So this lady really does provide a breath of much needed fresh air.
Giant Marilyn Monroe statue Palm springs
Apparently the Hollywood legend was 'discovered' and photographed at the Racquet Club in Palm Springs over 50 years ago, so she does have a special affinity with the area.

Wonderful views from our Palm Springs vacation spot
Palm Springs
If clearer skies allow, I'd love the opportunity to return and snap more pics of the giant statue with more than just my iPhone, as this really is my kind of outdoor public art installation.
Forever Marilyn sculpture
Apparently Forever Marilyn arrived at Palm Canyon Drive from Chicago's Michigan Avenue, so I wonder where her travels will take her next. I'm sure wherever it is, she'll do it with style...

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