Thursday, July 11, 2013

Giant Marilyn Monroe in all her glory in Palm Springs...

So I got my wish and revisited the super-sized Marilyn Monroe statue currently residing in Palm Springs, along Palm Canyon Drive.

Forever Marilyn by J. Seward Johnson
Forever Marilyn J Seward Johnson
When I'd first spied her over the 4th July weekend it was overcast and muggy, but on my return on the morning we left, stopping off especially to take these fabulous snaps, there were clear skies and the brilliant California sunshine that we've all grown to know and love.
Giant Marilyn Monroe statue Palm Springs
Forever Marilyn statue Palm Springs
I can't really think of a better backdrop for this 26-ft statue of the Hollywood screen legend and it really does shine a spotlight on the iconic starlet.
Forever Marilyn statue Palm Springs
Giant Marilyn Monroe sculpture Palm Springs
Those San Jacinto Mountains certainly frame the giant statue of the star, who was 'discovered' at Palm Springs Racquet Club over 50 years ago.
26-ft Forever Marilyn statue Palm Springs
Giant Marilyn Monroe statue
This over-sized sculpture, which has also visited Chicago and is due to leave Palm Springs at the end of August, really is a wonderful likeness and really captures the spirit of the actress in her infamous pose, with her dress flapping up over a New York subway vent in 1955's The Seven Year Itch.
Giant Marilyn Monroe statue
Forever Marilyn statue
The Californian blonde bombshell and sex symbol, and former Norma Jean Baker, modeled and starred in around 30 movies until her death on August 5, 1962, but this iconic image of her is one of her true legacies and it's no wonder it's called 'Forever Marilyn'.
Giant Forever Marilyn statue
Many celebrities make Palm Springs their home (or one of their homes), so I wonder if one day we'll see a giant statue for Liberace or Barry Manilow behind a piano, or even Barbra Streisand towering over downtown Palm Springs.
Marilyn Monroe statue downtown Palm Springs
I wonder if those stars would have the same amount of people lining up to have their photos taken with them though.

Like other tourists I couldn't resist sneaking a peak up her skirt
Forever Marilyn statue Palm Springs
After I'd bemoaned other people posting photos on Facebook and of them being fascinated by what was up Marilyn's skirt, I have to confess I couldn't resist finally finding out what is under a girl's skirt. Now I know it's big white bloomers, and my curiosity is forever satisfied.

I hope you like these glorious images as much as I enjoyed taking them. Forever Marilyn really is a sight to see in person and I'm so glad I returned to get some proper photos.

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but personally I'm a huge fan of this kind of outdoor art...

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