Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Wedding Day memories...

So, it's happened. I've turned into Bridezilla, or is that Groomzilla? I've been super excited about sharing our Wedding Day with all our friends and family.

Finally tying the knot after 14 years
Gay getting married Beverly Hills
I know I need to write this all down before I forget how I felt on the day, as it was oddly more emotional than I thought it would be. We had our appointment for 3:15pm at the Beverly Hills Courthouse, but before we could leave, some lovely flowers arrived at our condo all the way from the U.K. from our absentee bridesmaids.

Lovely wedding flowers
Wedding Day flowers
Then rather unexpectedly our wonderful friend, and one of our official witnesses, Mike, arrived bearing gifts. Champagne and a bouquet of white roses for both of us, each bunch with seven roses apiece to signify the fourteen years we've been together.

Wedding cards and messages
Wedding cards
We headed to the courthouse early, hoping to avoid the crazy L.A. traffic, and after passing through the metal detectors at security (how glamorous) we waited on the second floor to be called.

Waiting to get hitched 
Waiting to get married
We thought we'd have to wait for at least thirty minutes, but all of a sudden they called us before time and we were up (although we did have time to read the signs in the waiting area which specified no flip-flops, tank tops or shorts, so I'm glad I gave in to a shirt and tie - FYI the Grooms wore a mixture of  D&G, Ted Baker and Prada).

Trying to hold back the tears (of happiness)
Getting married
It was really strange stepping into the courtroom with its floral arch and rows of seats (considering there were only four of us in total). 

It all felt very surreal and when it was time to get down to business, with our friends snapping away for posterity, I was the one who stumbled and blubbed when it came time to repeat the marriage vows (although unexpectedly I went first).

Sealed with a kiss
Wedding Day gay kiss
Fortunately Charlie kept it together when it was his turn and before you knew it, we were officially wed. And in Beverly Hills of all places, which is the last place I thought we'd ever be married. It's all very Hollywood for this boy from Wales.
Married Beverly Hills Courthouse
So after the simple and emotional ceremony (we didn't exchange rings, maybe at a later date) it was time to head home and celebrate with some champagne, great friends and of course our adorable Yellow Labrador, Cooper.

A status update more important than the news of the new royal baby's name
Facebook relationship update married
We also did the important things like update our Facebook relationship status to let all our friends, all around the world, know that we'd done the deed and we were finally married.

We were really overwhelmed by all the messages of love and well wishes we received. It's times like this that you really can see the benefit of a social network like Facebook, being able to share your news, digital photos and experiences instantly, and gets lots of feedback (without having to wait ages for official wedding photos to be processed).

Celebrating on the rooftop with our pup
happy couple Labrador Cooper
Now that all the official paperwork is over, we're looking forward to celebrating our union with our L.A. based friends (and three very special visiting bridesmaids) in a about a month's time with an informal cocktail and canapé gathering.

Cooper wedding kisses all around
Labrador Cooper kisses
We have no official honeymoon planned, but you can see from that glorious California sunshine that we pretty much live in a fantastic place and have a wonderful life already.

And just like that, we're married. Hopefully happily ever after...

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