Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Refreshing drinks and tasty food billboards around L.A. in July 2013...

Summer is here and there's plenty of time to lounge on the beach, by the pool, or in your garden with your favourite drink. That's what all these alcohol and soft beverage brands are counting on anyway as they vie for your attention (and your hard earned cash) in the skies of L.A.

Drinks billboards
Corona Extra Find your beach billboard
I'm not a beer drinker, but the 'Find your beach' ad campaign from Corona Extra certainly wants to try and convert me, as that chilled beer and lime on a tropical beach is a very inviting image.
Bud Light Golden State of Mind billboard
Bud Light was also getting into the seasonal summer mood this month with this evocative 'Golden state of mind' creative, a nice play on California's nickname (reinforced by the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean) and the smooth golden beer in the bottle.
Dos Equis Yes He's on the list billboard
Meanwhile Dos Equis focuses more on your nightlife, and continues their 'most interesting man in the world' ad campaign, who would of course be on the list of any exclusive bar or nightclub venue.
Michelob Ultra Refreshingly Refreshing billboard
And this Michelob Ultra light beer ad made my lips curl with its fun and frivolous 'Refreshingly refreshing' tagline.
Patron Tequila jigsaw puzzle billboard
In the world of spirits, Patrón Tequila was piecing things together nicely along Sunset Boulevard with this clever jigsaw puzzle ad design.
Jack Daniels sharing music billboard
Whilst Jack Daniel's Whiskey was reinforcing its music industry rock and roll credentials with some clever copy, a special extension billboard and another ad creative on the other side of the street. All perfect timing for this weekend's Sunset Strip Music Festival, so be sure to check out both of the new Jack Daniel's billboards.
Smirnoff Sorbet Light Vodka billboard
Now I wonder if Smirnoff will see the irony of their latest vodka variant ad creative being so pink?

Following the Russian government's treatment of their LGTB community, many notable gay activists have called for a boycott of all Russian vodka and other products (plus a delay in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games), until President Putin stops his anti-gay crusade of persecution and bigotry.

The funny thing is, even though Smirnoff has Russian origins, it's actually manufactured by British  drinks giant Diageo, and this ad creative for their new Smirnoff Sorbet Light is pretty cool and eye-catching.

Regardless I'll be sticking to my French Grey Goose vodka and certainly refusing any Russian vodka brands if offered it at bars. Some people only respect money and power, so if we have to put a dent in big companies profits and a country's exports to get them to be more pro-equality, then so be it.
VeeV Vita Frute Better Way billboard
If you're looking for some refreshment this summer, aside from jumping into a cool swimming pool, then VeeV has a new range of ready-to-drink açaí berry cocktails called Vita Frute to enjoy over ice.
Pom Coconut special extension billboard
Speaking of fruity drinks, this fun special extension billboard for Pom heralds their new pomegranate drink, which comes with 60% coconut water (certainly the drink of the moment).
Starbucks Refreshment hour billboard
It's not often you see Starbucks advertising on outdoor billboards and maybe that's why the design of this ad looks so amateurish and cheap.

I get what they were trying to achieve with the refreshment angle, but this looks more like a college art project than a professional ad from a big global brand like Starbucks (who probably paid an advertising agency millions for this campaign).
Stop Vitamin Cruelty Activate Water billboard
Next up are two different ways to market premium bottled water with gimmicks. First is this fun 'vitamin cruelty' parody from Activate, who have a nifty cap you twist to release powdered vitamins into you drink.
Dream Water Monday morning freaking amazing billboard
Secondly is this ad for Dream Water, which apparently makes Monday mornings feel 'freaking amazing', the implication being because you've had such a good night's sleep and you'll literally be skipping into work come the start of the week.
Giant Pepsi Live for Now Beyonce billboard
And rather than putting you to sleep, here's a giant-sized Beyoncé billboard for Pepsi's Live For Now campaign to perk you up with a shot of fizzy caffeine (plus it's amazing promotion for her Mrs. Carter World Tour).

Food billboards
Butterfinger Bart Simpson billboard
This Butterfinger confectionary billboard made me smile when I first saw it, as I immediately knew it had something to do with The Simpsons. Fortunately most Americans are familiar with the chocolate and peanut butter treat from the 1920's, because the uninitiated (like for example someone from the U.K.) wouldn't have a clue what this ad was for.
Vons Local Produce Grapes special extension billboard
And finally for today's installment of food and drinks billboards around L.A., here's a bit of 'food pornography' (big gratuitous close-up) courtesy of grocery store, Vons, to help promote their local produce. There's nothing like a special extension billboard to make those grapes stand out from a distance.

If you liked these ad creatives, be sure to also check out this month's round-up of movie billboards and stay tuned for more cool ads in the days to come...

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