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Stylish fashion, fragrance and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in June...

So far we've seen the best film, TV, music and drinks billboards around town last month, now it's the turn of the stylish fashion and lifestyle billboards filling the skies of L.A. in June. Enjoy this eclectic selection of ads that caught my eye.

Fashion billboards
Gucci eyewear 2013 billboard
What is it with fashion brands always wanting to use slightly suggestive lesbian imagery in their ad campaigns? I'm gay so I have no issues with positive portrayal of lesbians in advertising, but I always wonder who exactly these fashion houses are targeting with their ads with the supermodels sprawled all over each other, who's fantasy is this? Is this what turns on a gay woman, or is it really aimed at straight men? Or am I just over-thinking it?

Anyway here's the latest example for Gucci eyewear, which could merely be two friends whispering a secret to each other, right?
Saint Laurent Paris Summer 2013 billboard
Rebranded in 2012 from Yves Saint Laurent or YSL, the French fashion house Saint Laurent Paris also has designs on your sunglasses dollars this summer.
Gunnar eyewear Use Protection billboard
Meanwhile this Gunnar billboard caught my eye this month with its slightly suggestive 'Use protection' tagline (a rugged male model) for their computer eyewear.Marc Jacobs patriotic camels billboard
Another ad which really stood out was this quirky brand ad for Marc Jacobs above their Melrose Avenue flagship store. It's not often you see patriotic camels rather than pretty young things modeling for the designer fashion brand.
Banana Republic Milly Collection 2013 billboard
Banana Republic's ad for their limited-edition summertime in the Hamptons 'Milly Collection' grabbed my attention with that bright graphic print border and jarring lime green colour block.
Gap summer 2013 billboard
Whilst Gap's summer ads are much more clean and zen-like. It really is amazing how much money these two high-street fashion brands must spend on advertising each year, as they really do update their billboards on a regular basis, compared to the high fashion brands to tend to focus more on their S/S and A/W collections.
Hale Bob mirror image billboard
Another interesting ad this month was this mirror image creative from Hale Bob which has a nice symmetry to it.
Joes Jeans Summer 2013 billboard
And Joe's Jeans showed off their latest denim looks with this leggy biker creative, although maybe for the last time in this ad site, as I've noticed recently that with all the construction work along La Cienega Boulevard this billboard space has disappeared.
Tags Set the trend billboard
Meanwhile I thought fashion-forward retailer Tags had a clever trend-setting billboard this month. It's always nice to see a brand have a little fun and not merely relying on an image to sell their clothes.
Buffalo David Bitton male model billboard 2013
Although sometimes a sexy model is all you need to sell your brand message, like with this cool-as-a-cucumber male model for Buffalo David Bitton.
Breitling watch billboard
Meanwhile Swiss-made Breitling watches reinforced the history their precision timepieces share with the aviation industry with this cool looking creative.

Fragrance billboards
Mont Blanc Legend billboard
I often think fragrance billboards share the same problems as music-themed ads in that the products and services are targeting your other senses rather than sight. If you can't smell the product, your ad needs to work even harder to capture your imagination with its imagery. I think Mont Blanc's Legend scent does a great job of conveying a brand promise with its ruggedly handsome male model black and white ad creative.
Perry Ellis Spirited fragrance billboard
Whilst this clever billboard for the Spirited fragrance from Perry Ellis also lives up to its humorous imagery.

Interiors bilboards
JCPenney split sofa billboards Sunset Strip
I don't feature many interiors brands that often, maybe because they don't seem to invest in out-of-home activity in the same way as other consumer goods, but I thought this clever duo of split sofa billboards for JCPenney was a novel approach on opposite sides of the Sunset Strip and a great way to intrigue passersby.

Be sure to take a closer look at these Perfect Parking Spot JCPenney billboards at my more detailed Daily Billboard blog.

Health billboards
Impulse safe sex billboard
Obviously in advertising sex sells, so it's no surprise that this safe sex advocacy group has chosen some buff men with perfect pecs and abs to convey its health message in gay-friendly West Hollywood.
AHF Pharmacy When needed billboard
And it's always great to know that for those who need it, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation Pharmacy is there to provide help when needed.

Tourist attractions and travel billboards
Koalafornia San Diego Zoo billboard
When I first saw this funny Koalafornia billboard for the San Diego Zoo I honestly thought it was a new campaign for the Australian tourist board, obviously on closer inspection I realised my mistake, but it made me look for sure.
King Kong Summer of Survival billboard
From koalas to giant gorillas, Universal Studios Hollywood summer ad campaign is pretty exciting with special extension billboards for their King Kong and Transformers 3D attractions.
Kobe Bryant Keep flying Turkish Airlines billboard
And this month Turkish Airlines wished its brand ambassador, Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant, well after he tore his achilles tendon with its clever tagline 'Keep on flying'.

Technology billboards
Giant iPad piano billboard
Apple continued to dominate L.A.'s skyline with its fun ads comparing the stylish tech giant's full-size and iPad Mini.
Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone billboard
Whereas Korean challenger Samsung continues to support its next best thing, the Galaxy S4 smartphone.
Cree light bulb billboard
And in my opinion you can never go wrong with a special extension, and this LED bulb billboard from Cree certainly caught my magpie eye.

Car billboards
Giant Chevrolet Impala billboard
Chevrolet continues to roll out its new Find New Roads ad campaign with this giant-sized new billboard for their 2014 Impala on the side of West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel.

Finance billboards
Beyonce Mrs Carter MasterCard billboard
In the world of banking Beyonce was on hand to offer a priceless experience for MasterCard via her Mrs. Carter tour. Regardless of which credit card she uses, you know that this diva certainly knows how to make her money.
Wells Fargo When people talk billboard
MasterCard isn't the only bank using celebrities to attract customers, as Wells Fargo uses the instantly recognisable faces of TV legends Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz to sell its 'When people talk, great things happen' tagline.

Arts billboards
Sever jetpack billboard
And finally this fun jetpack billboard for street and graffiti artist Sever caught my eye along La Cienega Boulevard.

So as you can see L.A. has had jam-packed skies this past month. Let's hope July is equally as visually exciting in the weeks to come...

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