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Hot new TV billboards around L.A. in August 2013..

The battle for audiences for new TV shows and returning favourites is only just beginning as August has seen the first onslaught of fall season billboards invading the skies of L.A. Here's a glimpse at some of the hot contenders vying to get your bums on seats in front of television screens watching them this season.

TV billboards
Marvel Agents of SHIELD season 1 billboard
Being a lifelong Marvel Comics fan, my most anticipated show this season has to be Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which spins off from the Marvel cinematic universe and sees Clark Gregg reprise his role as Agent Coulson. But wait, didn't he die in the blockbuster Avengers movie? Exciting.

If you like this series premiere promo, be sure to also check out this S.H.I.E.L.D. logo teaser billboard for the new show too.
Sleepy Hollow series premiere TV remake billboard
Another spin-off from the world of movies if Fox's new Sleepy Hollow series, which really does prove originality of TV is dead. It seems the big networks are so convinced of their own failure on the small screen, that they can't produce anything which doesn't have some small brand familiarity or fan base to help get it established.

Only time will tell if this re-imagining of the headless horseman mythology, which also appeared in the 1999 Sleepy Hollow film starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci, will strike a chord and find an audience fourteen years later.
White Queen giant billboard
This month another import from the U.K. made a giant-sized entrance in L.A. The BBC's The White Queen period drama will air in the U.S. on Starz cable channel and had this striking spectacular ad creative on the side of Beverly Boulevard's Sofitel Hotel.
Strike Back season 3 billboard
The military action series, Strike Back, is another show which started life on British TV screens, also returns for a third season on Cinemax and had this fantastic war propaganda style promo billboard to support it.

The design is a real departure from previous seasons, so be sure to check out these Strike Back season one and two billboards too.
Masters of Sex series premiere billboard
Some people would prefer to make love not war, so here's a very restrained billboard for Showtime's new Masters of Sex drama series, which is all about the research into the sexual revolution in the 1950's onwards by William Masters and Virginia Johnson.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 9 billboard
And if the thought of sex doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe some comedy will this season. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns for a whopping ninth season and moves to the newly established channel, FXX.

This funny season nine mono banana billboard is a nice homage to the angst ridden black and white films by Swedish director, Ingmar Bergman.
James Franco Comedy Central Roast billboard
Meanwhile James Franco has been getting ready for his Comedy Central Roast with a four-day billboard installation that changed every day culminating in this knock-out ad creative.
Robin Williams The Crazy Ones giant billboard
Talking up of stand-up comedy, Robin Williams returns to mainstream TV this fall with a new show with Sarah Michelle Gellar as his daughter in The Crazy Ones.

Here's a super-sized billboard towering over the Sunset Strip for the series about the funny man being an eccentric boss at an advertising company.
Low Winter Sun series premiere billboard
From comedy to new cop dramas, Mark Strong stars in a gritty new thriller as a Detroit homicide detective mixed up in murder and corruption in Low Winter Sun.
Cold Justice series premiere billboard
From fiction to real-life and TNT has a new series about real crimes and real results of criminal cold case investigations in Cold Justice.
Giant Doomsday Castle billboard
There was more fly-on-the-wall reality TV debuting this month in the form of Doomsday Castle, which received this giant billboard along the Sunset Strip. The show follows a Carolina family who have built their own Medieval Castle in the isolated woods to survive the coming apocalypse with no power and limited supplies.
Modern Dads series premiere billboard
From end-of-the-world to brave new worlds and A&E had this fun creative for their new reality series about Modern Dads, which sees stay-at-home dads coping with parenthood and trading power tools for diapers and feeding bottles.
The Bible Emmy billboard
Aside from all the advertising for new shows, there were also several billboards this month to help support certain series Emmy nominations, like this one for Outstanding Miniseries for History's The Bible.
American Horror Story Asylum Emmy billboard
FX also spent a pretty penny shouting about the spooky sophomore season of American Horror Story: Asylum, which garnered the most Emmy Award nominations this season, plus filled L.A.'s skyline with an array of billboards featuring media quotes for its comedy, Louie, starring stand-up comedian Louis C.K.
Louie CK Emmy billboard
Be sure to check out all the different variations of the Emmy 2013 billboards for Louie at my Daily Billboard blog.

If you like all these new season TV billboards check out Daily Billboard every day for even more fantastic examples and come back next month for another comprehensive round-up.

I think it's going to be a jam-packed month to come...

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