Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Refreshing drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in August 2013...

Once again it's been an eventful month in the skies of L.A., so here's a selection of the best visions in vinyl for drinks, food, technology, video games and other lifestyle billboards in August.

Drinks billboards
Pom Coconut special extension billboard
I seem to have seen these cool Pom Wonderful special extension billboards spring up everywhere around L.A. this month for the new product variants from the Californian pomegranate juice company. Check out all the eye-catching and fun billboards for Pom Mango, Coconut and Hula (their pineapple mixed juice drink) at my Daily Billboard blog.
Sunset Swings Tonight we Tanqueray gin billboard
Meanwhile the Sunset Strip was swinging this month with its huge annual music festival and certain alcoholic drinks brands like Jack Daniel's whiskey and Tanqueray gin were making the most of all the addition footfall in the neighbourhood.
Giant Michelob Ultra Live life to the Ultra billboard
Beer brands were also tying to catch your eye this month to quench your thirst in the summer heat and both Michelob Ultra and Pacifico beer were using imagery of female surfers as a way to sell their brews.
Pacifico Beer surfer billboard
I especially think that the Pacifico beer billboard captures that California beach spirit.
Stella Artois Cidre billboard
Stella Artois was also launching its cider offering this month, or 'cidre', as they like to call it. This billboard certainly looks like it belongs to Stella Artois and its crisp, clean design hints at that refreshing, chilled cider taste.

Food billboards
The Simpsons Butterfinger billboard
This month the mystery deepened about who stole Bart Simpson's Butterfinger candy bar in these clever 'Usual Suspect' police line-up homage. Be sure to also check out the preceding Butterfinger's Nobody better lay a finger teaser billboard too in the same location.
Vons tomatoes special extension billboard
Another foodie billboard that really stood out was this in-your-face special extension tomatoes billboard for Vons supermarket local produce offering.
California Avocados billboard
And speaking of locally sourced fruit and vegetables, the state of California obviously wants its residents to support its farm grown produce.

Technology billboards
Giant GoPro surfer billboard
Surfers seem to be a recurring theme lately, as well as on beer billboards, this giant-sized surfer was spotted in the heart of Hollywood over the Pantages Theatre to promote GoPro's camcorder designed for adrenaline sports like surfing, skiing and skydiving.
iPad Daft Punk billboard
Meanwhile Apple introduced another wave of ad creatives for its iPad tablet, which were as bold and visually eye-catching as usual, and also very timely with their use of Daft Punk on some of the creatives.
New Yorker iPad billboard

Video game billboards
Giant Disney Infinity video game billboard
Disney made a big splash this month for its new Infinity video game which mashes up lots of its popular Disney and Disney/Pixar characters like Monsters Inc, Cars, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Wreck-it Ralph, Pirates of the Caribbean and even The Lone Ranger.
Giant Grand Theft Auto 5 video game billboard
Plus at the other end of the spectrum, Grand Theft Auto is back with a fifth installment with super-sized billboards for the game starting to pop up around the streets of L.A.

Charity billboards
NKLA Pet adoption center cat billboard
Meanwhile cat lovers got a treat this month with this mono billboard along Santa Monica Boulevard for No Kill L.A.'s new pet adoption center (for cats and dogs).

Dating billboards
Ashley Madison Bringing marriages back to life billboard
And probably one of the most outrageous, and possibly offensive, billboards in August was this ad creative for the hook up website for cheating married people, Ashley Madison. Being newly married myself I find the whole concept of the website slightly repugnant, even if I find the zombie ad creative to be clever.

Travel and tourism billboards
San Diego Zoo Cheetah Run billboard
Speaking of cheaters, sorry cheetahs, this ad creative with a zebra fleeing from a cheetah and crashing through the billboard is a lot of fun from San Diego Zoo.

Car billboards
Nissan Versa Note your door to more billboard
And finally, the Nissan Versa Note car added more than a splash of colour this month to the city skies with this mural-inspired ad creative.

As you can see there was a real eclectic mix of lifestyle billboards around Los Angeles in August.

Stick around in the days to come for more cool round-ups of TV, movie and fashion billboards brightening the city skyline...

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