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Stylish fashion and lifestyle billboards around L.A.'s streets in July 2013...

There were so many billboards around L.A. in July that they've spilled over into August. Here's a cool round-up of the stylish fashion and fragrance ads, plus other lifestyle billboards spotted lining the city streets last month.

Fashion billboards
Kate Spade Saturday LA store coming soon billboard
This zesty billboard heralding a L.A. store for Kate Spade Saturday, which carries the more causal and affordable fashion line from the New York designer, really stands out along the Sunset Strip with that vibrant yellow background and simple black and white design.
Sexy with question Guess Jeans billboard
Meanwhile there's a whole lot of denim and big hair going on this latest 'Sexy without question' billboard from Guess Jeans.
Giant Guess Summer 2013 billboard Sunset Strip
Plus not content with that confident visual, further west along Sunset Boulevard you'll also find this striking super-sized Guess ad.
Jessica Simpson Summer 2013 billboard
Jessica Simpson is also looking pretty radiant post-baby in this new shoreline ad creative for her own fashion line (although high heels can't be that practical for the beach can they).
Banana Republic mosaic Summer 2013 billboard
This season I've really like this Banana Republic ad campaign with its mosaic tile backdrop and summery feel. It got temporarily replaced by the fashion brand's limited edition Milly Collection billboards, but now these ads have returned for a second outing.
Gap Fit Make Your Move billboard Summer 2013
Gap made its move this month to challenge the likes of Nike and Lululemon with their women's activewear brand, Gap Fit. This sporty billboard certainly stood out from other fashion ads with these models in motion, rather than the usual static poses.
Rock Revival billboard Sunset Strip
The latest ad campaign for Rock Revival clothing looks like it was actually shot nearby The Viper Room along the Sunset Strip, so it's very fortunate that this billboard now resides above the infamous venue (especially as it's the annual Sunset Strip Music Festival this weekend attracting hordes of bright young rockers, the perfect target market).
Burberry black and white kiss billboard
Even though we're in the height of summer, several fashion brands have already started their more sophisticated Fall/Winter campaigns, including this black and white kissing ad from British luxury brand, Burberry. It actually makes for a real change as their previous Burberry ad campaign that featured Romeo Beckham was very bold and colourful.
Calvin Klein Collection FW 2013 billboard
Calvin Klein also opted to go chic and mono for its Collection line last month as a point of difference, in their usual prime ad location opposite the Chateau Marmont Hotel.

Fragrance billboards
Danny Fuller Chanel Allure Homme fragrance billboard
Extreme pro-surfer Danny Fuller returned to the skies of L.A. last month with this refreshing billboard ad for Chanel's Allure Homme fragrance. If you're a fan of the sporty hunk, be sure to also check out Danny Fuller's Allure cologne billboard from last year.

Dating billboards
One Good Love gay long term dating billboard
Some of you may know that July was pretty special for me as I finally got married to my partner of fourteen years, so this billboard for the long-term gay dating website One Good Love caught my eye even more, with its true love and LGBT marriage message. Let's hope more stylish ads targeting the gay community will follow.
Over 20 million serviced Ashley Madison billboard
On the other hand, this red billboard for Ashley Madison is at the other end of the spectrum, as it's an extramarital affairs website for married cheaters. At first though, I honestly thought this was a new billboard for McDonalds as it has a similar red, yellow and white colour design that the fast food chain uses in its brand advertising, but this is certainly not selling hamburgers. 'Over 20 million serviced', that's a hell of a lot of cheating men and women.

Travel billboards
Bombardier Global VIP jets billboard
In the world of travel if you're loaded, the only way to travel is in your very own private jet. I suppose if anywhere warrants a billboard ad for luxury travel like this (for business or personal use), it's Hollywoodland.

Auto billboards
Dodge Dart New Rules car billboard
Meanwhile, on the more affordable side of getting around, this unconventional upside down 'New rules' ad creative for the Dodge Dart made me smile when we were driving to Palm Springs on the I-10 freeway.
Give hoot Don't toot 76 gas billboard
Plus this Stop Honkaholism copy-only campaign for 76 gas stations is very appropriate for the beep happy drivers in L.A. (and many other large cities no doubt), so be sure to check out all the other fun creatives too at my Daily Billboard blog.

Theme Park and Performing Arts billboards
Universal Studios Summer Survival Optimus Prime billboard
This month Universal Studios Hollywood amended their Summer of Survival ads to incorporate their regular Coke can ticket promotion, like this one featuring Autobot leader Optimus Prime crashing through the billboard for their Transformers 3D ride.
Hollywood Bowl 2013 billboard
Plus the Hollywood Bowl kicked off its annual summer season with this graphic design which evokes the modern architecture of the outdoor ampitheatre. If you're a fan of the venue, be sure to checkout these previous Hollywood Bowl ad campaigns.

Charity and public safety billboards
No Kill LA pet adoption center billboard
In the world of cats and dogs, NKLA (No Kill L.A.) debuted this new billboard announcing the opening of a new adoption centre in August. Los Angeles certainly does seem to be a dog-loving city, aside that is for the scoundrels who abandon their unwanted pets.
Smokey Bear wildfire prevention billboard
And at this time of year, California's mascot 'Smokey the bear' is on hand to remind everyone about the dangers of wildfires, as the parks and countryside are like kindling after all this heat and sunshine and the slightest spark can start a raging inferno.

Sports billboards
Lakers Stay D12 Dwight Howard billboard
Last month in the field of sports, the Los Angeles Lakers tried their best to make pro-basketball star Dwight Howard feel wanted when his contract expires, with these Stay D12 billboards.

Technology billboards
Apple iPad Summer 2013 billboard
Apple also debuted their latest wave of billboards for the iPad tablet in July, highlighting all the things you can do with the device, from taking photos and reading books, to online shopping, creating your own art and having thousands of recipes available in an instant at your fingertips.

If you like this eclectic assortment of fashion and lifestyle ads around L.A., be sure to also check out these round-ups for July's movie billboards, refreshing drinks and food billboards and TV billboards.

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