Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Supercool movie billboards around L.A. in August 2013...

Some people may be feeling a bit of blockbuster fatigue by the end of August, but that didn't stop the movie billboards from continuing to fill the skies of L.A. this month. Enjoy this selection of film billboards from around the busy streets of Los Angeles.

Movie billboards
Live bodybuilder billboard installation Pain Gain Blu-ray release
Probably the most eye-catching and PR worthy billboard this month belonged to Pain & Gain, which featured actual bodybuilders working out on a platform along the Sunset Strip to draw attention to the movie's Blu-ray release. Pretty spectacular, right?

Be sure to check out even more photos of this living Pain & Gain billboard installation and the cinematic release ad campaign at my Daily Billboard blog.
Giant Kick-Ass 2 movie billboard
Another arresting billboard this month was this super-sized ad creative for Kick-Ass 2 along Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood. Even though this ultra-violent comedy sequel bombed again at the box office, there's no end in sight to superhero-themed movies on the big screen yet.
Youre Next movie billboard
Even though low budget horror has done well this year with The Purge and The Conjuring performing well, it looks like box office fatigue may have set in just ahead of Halloween with the scary home invasion movie, You're Next, dying at cinemas. It's a real shame as the You're Next ad campaign was really creepy and unsettling, which is perfect for a horror movie.
Paranoia movie billboard
The thriller Paranoia was another movie which didn't do well this summer, and not even big names like Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman could save it, even though it also had some clever billboards to support its release.
Mortal Instruments City of Bones billboard
Meanwhile, not so supercool this month was these billboards for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which looked really dated and probably contributed to the poor performance at the box office this month.
Riddick movie billboard
Even though his last Chronicles of Riddick sci-fi movie bombed in 2004, Vin Diesel is back with a third installment of the franchise based on 2000's Pitch Black fugitive who can see in the dark.
Capitol Couture L'Essence d'un Champion Hunger Games 2 teaser billboard
Speaking of movie franchises, the second Hunger Games, Catching Fire, is teasing audiences with this viral campaign featuring a mock fragrance ad for one of its characters in advance of the official full blown ad campaign.
Lee Daniels The Butler movie billboard
Lee Daniels' The Butler, about a black butler serving in the U.S. President's White House, beat Kick-Ass 2 at the box office helped by the star power of Oscar-nominated Oprah Winfrey and Oscar-winning Forest Whitaker. The silhouette of a butler wrapped in an American flag is a pretty cool visual to convey the themes of the movie.
Instructions not included billboard
Meanwhile this billboard for Instructions not included is pretty sweet, a film about a man who has made a new life for him and his daughter when her birth mother resurfaces to challenge their status quo.
Despicable Me 2 special installation billboard
Despicable Me 2 may have been released earlier this summer but I spied this cool special installation recently at Universal Studio Hollywood's Lowe Lot, which is a lot of 'Minion' fun. If you're a fan of the computer-animated comedy, be sure to check out these Despicable Me 2 billboards.
Cloudy Chance of Meatballs 2 movie billboard
And finally, here's another animated sequel heading our way soon, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 looks like it's a lot of crazy fun.

Be sure to check out this month's round-up of drinks and lifestyle billboards and come back soon for some fantastic new season TV billboards and stylish fashion ads from around the City of Angels.

In the meantime keep your eyes to the skies...

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