Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall fashion and fragrance billboards from around L.A. in September 2013...

Amongst all the new fall season TV billboards, you also would have seen a parade of fall fashion this past month. Here's a collection of the latest stylish fashion, footwear and fragrance ad creatives lining L.A.'s skyline in September.

Fashion billboards
Giant Nicole Kidman Jimmy Choo FW 2013 billboard
Possibly my favourite ad campaign of the season has been Jimmy Choo's fall/winter offering, featuring the A-List Hollywood starlet Nicole Kidman looking edgier and more striking than ever.
Nicole Kidman Jimmy Choo FW13 billboard
These ads for the designer footwear and accessories brand continue to make a fashion statement around L.A. this month.
Give me Aldo Shoes FW 2013 billboard
Speaking of shoes, Aldo continues to give their all with a new series of cool ad creatives.
Give me Aldo Shoes FW13 billboard
This month supermodel Kate Moss was back in the skies along the Sunset Strip in some thigh high boots for Stuart Weitzman.
Kate Moss Stuart Weitzman boots FW 2013 billboard
L.A.'s skies were also fashionably invaded in September by some New York brand's, including Kate Spade's latest handbags and fall/winter looks. Considering it's still scorching hot here on the West Coast, it's nice to see that this model isn't all bundled up for winter yet.
Kate Spade New York FW 2013 billboard
Another New York clothing line gracing Sunset Boulevard was Donna Karan, who had this much more seductive ad creative.
Donna Karan New York FW 2013 billboard
And speaking of seduction, Gucci's latest billboard added a rich and fierce statement to the Strip this month, just in time for the start of party season.
Gucci FW 2013 billboard
Meanwhile Hale Bob continued to show off their fresh looks for fall with this very autumnal and chic looking ad creative.
Hale Bob FW 2013 fashion billboard
And Banana Republic looked to the past to remind people of their heritage, founded in San Francisco in 1978.
Banana Republic Est 1978 San Francisco FW13 billboard
Plus Gap continued to get back to basics with another creative in their Back to Blue fashion story, this one spied across from their Hollywood & Highland store.
Gap Back to Blue male model billboard
They quickly followed that campaign with their latest cute creative in black and white for their Baby Gap range.
Baby Gap Black White FW 2013 billboard
Also in a mono creative, The Wanted's Max George and swimsuit model Hannah Davis got comfortable on the sofa for Buffalo: David Bitton Jeans.
Max George Hannah Davis Buffalo Jeans billboard
And Christy Turlington showed she still had what it took to be the face and body of Calvin Klein's underwear, 25 years and two children after her original campaign for the designer brand.
Christy Turlington Calvin Klein underwear model billboard

Fragrance billboards
Burberry Brit Rhythm fragrance billboard
For fragrance, Burberry Brit Rhythm was the new scent on the scene with this cool ad design (these fashion brands certainly do like black and white photography at times), featuring the model drummer from These New Puritans to give it a rocker edge.
Perry Ellis Very Perry fragrance billboard
Meanwhile male model Paul Kelly brings the handsome in this fun new creative for the new Very Perry fragrance from Perry Ellis.
Natalie Portman Miss Dior fragrance billboard
And finally actress Natalie Portman may be moving with her family to Paris, but she's back to grace the skies of the Sunset Strip with this unobstructed Miss Dior fragrance billboard.

As you can see there have been lots of new fashion billboards in September and the promise of more to come in the weeks ahead. Be sure to return next month for even more fabulous ad creatives.

Until then check out Daily Billboard every day for the freshest looks...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Returning TV show billboards filling the skies of L.A. in September 2013...

I love every new TV season, not only for the fab new shows and returning series, but also the amazing imagery that the channels and networks use to tempt you to watch their offerings. With a constant supply of freshman challengers coming every season, it makes it even more difficult for shows already on the air to hold onto their audiences, so they have to work all the more harder to capture your imagination for subsequent seasons.

TV billboards
American Horror Story Coven season 3 billboard
American Horror Story has produced eye-catching imagery from the first year the anthology horror series debuted in October 2010, but this latest promo poster for the third season of the show, Coven, is my favourite so far and quite possibly the best ad creative of the entire fall TV season.

If you like this supernatural white serpent creative, be sure to also take a look at this equally arresting human voodoo doll billboard for American Horror Story: Coven, which if you hadn't guessed is all about witches and dark magical forces this season.
Walking Dead season 4 billboard
Another favourite billboard this fall is for the returning fourth season of The Walking Dead, which continues to keep 'Rick Grimes' as the focal hero of the atmospheric creative, plus hints at the defenses of their prison sanctuary coming down (with the zombie horde not too far behind no doubt).

If you're a fan of the ratings winning cable show, be sure to check out these previous season billboards for The Walking Dead (especially now that a spin-off series in the same universe has been announced).
Homeland season 3 billboard
After the explosive events of the season two finale, Homeland returns for a third season of terrorism and further craziness. My only hope is that the series doesn't descend into too many shock tactics to keep audiences watching, otherwise the show could start to unravel and become utterly unbelievable.
Revolution season 2 billboard
Following an inconsistent first season, Revolution is back for its sophomore season and even though the billboard creative promises 'A new power lights the way', I found the first episode to be a grim affair and I really worry for the future of this post-apocalyptic series, it does not look bright.
Chicago Fire season 2 billboard
Another show returning for a second season is Chicago Fire, promising to turn up the heat on the drama and relationships of the hot young firefighters and paramedics.
New Girl season 3 billboard
Meanwhile in the world of sitcoms, Zooey Deschanel is no longer the New Girl as her kooky comedy enters its third season, which after a rocky start has really found its feet (and its audience).

If you're a fan of the show, be sure to check out these New Girl season one and two billboards from around the streets of L.A. and New York City.
The League season 5 billboard
The semi-improvised comedy The League is back for a fifth season of sporting humour and also makes its move to the new FXX channel.
Key & Peele season 3 billboard
Back for a third season of funny sketches and characters are comedians Key & Peele, who received this eye-catching special extension billboard for their returning Comedy Central show along L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
The Heart She Holler season 2 billboard
Quite probably the most deranged and creepy image this month was for Adult Swim's returning live-action Southern Gothic horror series The Heart, She Holler, back for a second season. This surreal creative certainly gets you in the mood for Halloween.
China IL TV sucks season 2 billboard
And this other billboard for Adult Swim is for the sophomore season of their animated show, China, IL, which is all about the 'worst college in America'. Sadly this fun 'TV sucks' creative was defaced by graffiti before I could get a better shot of it, which is a real shame.
Giant Eastbound & Down season 4 billboard
Just when you thought you'd seen the last of Danny McBride's 'Kenny Powers' he's back for a fourth and apparently final season of Eastbound & Down.

The former baseball star is not content to settle in the suburbs with his family, so he's back on his quest for fame and glory, and from the looks of this giant ad creative the money, fast cars and bikini-clad women are all within reach.
The Voice season 5 billboard
If that wasn't enough drama for you, in the world of reality talent competitions the original mentors of the U.S. version of The Voice are reunited for a fifth season. Cee Lo Green and a slimmed down Christina Aguilera return to join Blake Shelton and Adam Levine in the Emmy-winning singing contest, after Usher and Shakira filled in for them last season.
Ellen Degeneres talk show season 11 billboard
Also returning for a phenomenal eleventh season of the daytime chat show is Ellen Degeneres, who proves you can be gay, funny, married, successful and be the idol of millions, and the world doesn't come to an end.
Jason Bateman Arrested Development Emmy 2013 billboard
And finally here's an Emmy consideration billboard for Jason Bateman for his role in Arrested Development, which returned for a fourth season courtesy of Netflix this year. He may not have won this year, the honour went to Jim Parsons for playing The Big Bang Theory's 'Sheldon Cooper', but it's always nice to be considered, right?

If you liked all these ad campaigns for returning television series in the world of horror, comedy, thrillers and animation, be sure to check out all the new challengers to the crown in this round-up of the new fall 2013 TV show billboards.

Plus stick around in the days to come for some stylish fall fashion billboards to inspire your wardrobe...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Debuting Fall season TV billboards invade L.A. in September 2013...

There are so many billboards for new TV shows and returning favourite series that I've decided to split the two categories over separate posts and not break the internet with the sheer volume of ad creatives. Here's the first selection of billboards for debuting television shows, everything from movie spin-offs to thrillers, cop dramas, comedy quiz shows, talk shows and more besides.

TV billboards
Giant Agents of SHIELD series premiere billboard
This month Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got a super-sized boost with this giant billboard along L.A.'s busy Sunset Strip, which probably helped the Marvel movie universe spin-off series secure 11.9 million viewers for its first pilot episode.

I thought Joss Whedon did a great solid job of bridging the worlds between the movies like Avengers and Iron Man 3 and episodic TV with this new super-spy series dealing with the fall-out of superheroes and alien invasions, now I'm interested to see how the resurrected 'Agent Coulson' and his Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will further expand the mythology of the Marvel live-action universe.
The Blacklist giant season 1 billboard
I worried that The Blacklist would just be a rip off of The Silence of the Lambs, with James Spader's master criminal 'Red Reddington', the Concierge of Crime, being a 'Hannibal Lecter'-type character, especially as he'll only speak to new FBI profiler 'Elizabeth Keene' (played by Megan Boone) when he turns himself in. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Yes, it totally is the same basic premise (without the cannibalism so far), but there also seems to be a bit of an Alias super spy quality to the show too, which could prove interesting.

Be sure to check out Megan Boone and more celebrities taking part in the Malibu Triathlon in September 2010.
Hostages series premiere billboard
Another thriller coming to our small screens this fall season is Hostages, which has this cool American flag gag creative. Toni Collette plays a surgeon whose family is held hostage by Dylan McDermott's rouge FBI agent and ordered to kill the U.S. President when she operates on him, otherwise they'll all die.

Hostages sounds like an intriguing premise, although maybe a little hard to sustain beyond one season, but I'm willing to give it a try.
Ironside remake series premiere billboard
It wouldn't be a new season without a TV remake or two, and NBC has dug into its vaults to reboot Ironside for a new generation.

This time the wheelchair-bound detective is played by a black actor, Blair Underwood, and the action has moved from the streets of San Francisco to New York City, which is a shame as there are so many cop shows already set in the Big Apple.
Witches of East End series premiere billboard
Meanwhile 2013 seems to be the year of the witch, with movies on the big screen like Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Oz The Great and Powerful starring magical spell casters and new TV shows like Lifetime's Witches of East End, and also the third season of American Horror Story: Coven, focusing on witchcraft and the occult.

Be sure to check out even more spellbinding billboards for the adaptation of Melissa de la Cruz's Witches of East End book at my Daily Billboard blog.
NBC family of comedies Fall 2013 billboard
In addition to all the fantasy and crime shows debuting this fall, there's also a boat load of new sitcoms trying their luck. In fact, rather than give them all their own individual billboards NBC decided to lump a few of its new shows with returning favourite Parks and Recreation on the same family billboard.
Michael J Fox Show series premiere billboard
Later in the month due to his star power no doubt (and his wonderful profile-raising guest role on The Good Wife), The Michael J. Fox Show received it's own solo billboards (take that Sean Saves the World and Welcome to the Family).

His new show with its very unimaginative title, is partly based on the actor's own circumstances, as he plays a news anchor who put his career on hold to spend more time with his family when he discovered he had Parkinson's disease. Now his character is ready to return to work, and so this sitcom really is art imitating life.
Goldbergs series premiere billboard
Michael J. Fox was a big Hollywood star in the 80's with his Family Ties TV series and the Back to the Future trilogy and Teen Wolf movies, so if you're feeling nostalgic for those times, be sure to check out ABC's new 80's based sitcom, The Goldbergs. This family portrait creative with its matching sweaters really does evoke the time period, with its big hair and retro feel.
Dads series premiere billboard
More family comedy this season comes in the form of Dads, and this rather exasperated looking creative makes me wonder if I'll be rolling my eyes if I watch this father son sitcom.
Mom series premiere billboard
Whilst another child with a worried look on her face was Anna Faris who's starring with Allison Janney in a new dysfunctional mother daughter comedy on CBS. I watched the pilot episode and thought the show was okay, but I wasn't rolling about holding my sides either, so we'll wait and see if this sitcom survives for first round of cancellations.
Super Fun Night series premiere billboard
After Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect I can't see Rebel Wilson without smiling, so I'm more than ready to give her new sitcom a try, especially as she's the writer too. In the comedy, the recently promoted junior attorney convinces her equally nerdy friends to break from the norm and have a fun night out, rather than staying together at home, no doubt hence the title, Super Fun Night.

To promote the series premiere of Super Fun Night, this billboard actually illuminates at night and neon heart-shapes appear over her breasts, which is certainly an attention grabber, so be sure to check it out in the dark at my Daily Billboard blog.

Let's wait and see if this will be a Super Fun Night week after week.
Giant Derek series premiere billboard
And comedian who likes to write and star in his own shows is Ricky Gervais, and his new series Derek has been released in the U.S. on Netflix this month (it's already aired back home in the U.K.). In his new role he plays a simple-minded careworker at an elderly home and at least this ad creative for the new show made me laugh with its matching sweater and wallpaper design.
Giant Hello Ladies series premiere billboard
The other half of the comedy equation behind such hits as The Office and Extras is Stephen Merchant, who gets his own HBO comedy series, Hello Ladies, about a gawky single guy trying to find love in L.A. this month. It's not bad to get your own giant-sized billboard, and more smaller ones besides, for your first on screen starring role.
We Are Men series premiere billboard
Speaking of men dating, this new sitcom about a jilted fiancé and divorced men living in the same apartment building is my top pick for shows to be cancelled this season. We Are Men just sounds old-fashioned and stereotypical, and no amount of jumping into swimming pools looking like you're having fun is going to convince me otherwise.
Million Second Quiz billboard
In an effort to attract viewers to the struggling network, NBC launched a new quiz show with the biggest cash prize in gameshow history, but apparently not even this, or host Ryan Seacrest, was enough to attract huge audiences for the 10-night event.
Arsenio talk show series premiere billboard
Finally this month comedian and actor Arsenio Hall returned to host his own self-titled late-night talk show. Even though the billboard creative is eye-catching, can Arsenio really compete with all the other late-night chat shows already duking it out for rating supremacy.

As you can see, there's lots of new shows starting this month and in October to try and get you watching. Not all of them will survive beyond a few episodes and even if they make a full season, their future can still be based on a flip of a coin. Be sure to check out Daily Billboard every day for all the latest new season TV billboards.

Stay tuned in the days to come for more TV billboards for all the returning shows, who'll now have to work even harder to keep their audiences with all these rookie challengers vying for your precious time.

Let the battle of the TV shows begin...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in September 2013...

Even though L.A.'s skyline has been invaded by hordes of new fall season TV billboards this month, there was still room for some fun, clever and eye-catching ad creatives for drinks, technology and lifestyle brands and organisations.

Arts and exhibition billboards
Cow poop changed LA Natural History Museum billboard
I couldn't resist leading with this billboard as the headline itself is an attention grabber - 'Cow poop changed LA.!' The fun ad creative is for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and it's for their new permanent exhibition, 'Becoming L.A.', which explains how things like floods, the Gold Rush, railroads and cattle helped shape the agricultural and industrial destiny of the region.

Drinks billboards
Pacifico Beer surfer wetsuit wall mural Venice Beach
On a recent visit to Venice Beach I spied these two ad creatives for Pacifico Beer which is definitely trying to target the surfer community of Southern California. I especially like this fun wetsuit wall mural which is cleverly worked into the actual window design of the building.
Pacifico Beer male surfer billboard
Meanwhile Michelob Ultra went big this month on the side of the Sunset Vine Tower to assure us their beer is 'refreshingly refreshing', perfect for the hot summer months.
Giant Michelob Ultra refreshingly refreshing billboard
And in the world of hard liquor, Johnnie Walker was introducing us to its premium Platinum Label whisky blend.
Johnnie Walker Introducing Platinum Label billboard
Plus Svedka Vodka continues to roll out its new flavoured vodka varieties, including its new Citron lemon flavoured drink.

If you're a fan of the brand, be sure to check out these billboards for Svedka's other flavoured vodkas.
Svedka Vodka Citron billboard
And Veev's Vita Frute ready mixed range of cocktails continued to promote its organic and low calorie credentials, as well as being easy to drink from the bottle. Just add ice to enjoy.
Veev Vita Frute billboard
'Tis the season of pumpkin everything, and Starbucks is one of the major culprits of pushing pumpkin- themed drinks and treats, and apparently has been doing so for the last decade. Give it a few more months and I'm sure we'll all be sick to be back teeth of pumpkin flavoured everything, for another year at least.
Giant Celebrating decade pumpkin devotion Starbucks billboard
This month Pom, the pomegranate based juice, continued to support its new Mango, Coconut and Pineapple variants with more fun special extension billboards targeting parents of small kids and the health conscious.
Pom 21 & over Pom Hula 3 & Up billboard
If you like this witty ad for Pom Hula, be sure to also check out the rest of Pom's brand extension ad campaign.
Diet Coke Be up for being up for anything billboard
And finally for the drinks category, Diet Coke was 'up for being up for anything'. But does anyone else miss the 'Diet Coke Guy' though?

Technology billboards
Green iPhone 5c billboard
The end of September saw Apple inject a burst of bold colour into the L.A. skyline with its new ads for the iPhone 5c, which come in green, blue, yellow, pink and white (and is the tech brand's cheapest ever smartphone).
Tinder app billboard
Meanwhile a smartphone app that raised its profile this month was Tinder with this special extension ad along the Sunset Strip. Tinder seems to be a bit of a dating and hook up app, helping you to find casual sex partners (which sounds like the straight version of the Grindr app for gay men). O the times they are a changin.
place where you can go fast Xbox One billboard
Meanwhile in the gaming market, the big news this month was the launch of Microsoft's new Xbox One games console.

Let's hope the software giant has more luck with this hardware launch than they've had with the launch of their Surface tablet (which they were hoping would take on Apple's iPad), whose poor performance resulted in a $900 million loss in 'inventory adjustments', ouch.
Magic, meet science Xbox One billboard
One of the problems I have with Microsoft is that their ads are always so clinical and product-driven. Where is the magic and creativity?

Health billboards
Not ready for parenthood messy spaghetti kid billboard
One of my favourite billboards in the skies of L.A. recently is this hilarious 'Not ready for parenthood?' ad creative, with its messy kid covered in spaghetti. It's a fun and not preachy way to sell a safe sex message for pregnancy prevention, and most of all it made me smile.
Sexual Revolution 2 AHF safe sex billboard
On the other end of the scale this tangle of naked bodies also caught my eye for a whole different reason, it's a veritable smorgasbord of body parts and you're not quite sure where one ends of the other begins. This latest risqué Sexual Revolution 2 offering from AIDS Healthcare Foundation is all part of their continuing mission to prevent the spread of HIV and STDs.

Miscellaneous billboards
Focus glasses billboard Sunset Boulevard
And finally these last two billboards look like the belong to the same design family, but I'm not really sure what they are for, but I like their simple and striking creatives.

Are they part of an art project, or just a way for the OOH companies to draw attention to their advertising medium? Hmmm, if you know anything, do let me know more.
The cherry on the top billboard
And there you have a really eclectic collection of billboards for the month of September.

Be sure to check out this month's movie, music and game billboard round-up and stick around in the days to come for more fashion and television ad creatives that have caught my eye these past few weeks.

Stay tuned...

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