Monday, September 9, 2013

Boating around Newport Beach Harbour...

What's more fun than spending time with visiting friends you ask? Spending time with friends on an electric boat cruising around Newport Beach Harbour on a relaxing sunny day, that's what.
Newport beach Harbor California
On Labor Day weekend we put on our best nautical gear and headed down the coast to try out one of Newport Beach's Duffy electric boat rentals and spent a couple of hours drifting along the harbour admiring the waterfront houses (some with celebrity credentials) and boats on display.

John Wayne's former waterfront home
John Wayne waterfront home Newport Beach
John Wayne house Newport Beach Harbour
If you're ever in Orange County and looking for something fun to do, aside from walking your dog at Huntington Beach that is, grab yourself a picnic and hire a boat for a while and cruise the waterways sipping a glass (or bottle) or two, obviously with a responsible captain at the wheel.
Newport Beach Harbour Orange County
Newport Beach Harbour yachts
You don't have to be a sailing expert and because it's electric there are not the smelly fumes or noise of a motorboat, so it's really quite peaceful and the perfect way to spend some fun time with friends.
Newport Beach seagull
If you're lucky you may also pick up a co-pilot like our seagull friend and if you're in the mood you can pick up some fresh fish, crab and lobster as you cruise along.
Pearson's Port fish shack Newport Beach Harbor
In addition to all the boats and yachts moored outside people's homes, there were also some more interesting seafaring ships to peruse, like this Virgin Oceanic super catamaran which is quite a cool sight.

Virgin Oceanic catamaran
Virgin Oceanic catamaran Newport Beach
The star of the harbour though has to be this impressive 216-foot mega-yacht 'Invictus', which is owned by L.A. developer Rick Caruso, who's responsible for such shopping centres as The Grove and the Americana at Brand in Glendale (so he's likely rolling in money aboard that yacht).

Invictus mega-yacht
Luxury yacht Invictus Newport Beach
Luxury yacht Invictus Newport Beach
Apparently this beast of a vessel, which has caused a bit of a stir being moored here, can sleep up to 12 guests and has a crew of 22 - I felt poor just looking at it.

Crewman Jason at Newport Beach Harbour
Crewman Jason Newport Beach Harbor
Regardless of the billionaire mansions and yachts that surrounded us on our voyage, or maybe because of them, we had a wonderful time and then headed down to Laguna Beach to finish off our day with some cocktails to enjoy the sunset.

Dusk at Laguna Beach
Dusk Laguna Beach
What's not to love about Southern California, am I right? Now if you can all browse through some more pages, click a few more ads and buy something through my links I'll be able to buy my own waterfront home and super-yacht in no time at all.

Laguna Beach sunset
Laguna Beach sunset
Ah well, I can always dream. Let's face it, it's a good life...

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