Sunday, September 1, 2013

Candy for your eyes with Cosimo Cavallaro's Jelly Beans in West Hollywood Park...

If you go down to the park today your sure to get a big surprise, three in fact. That's what I thought when I was out walking our Labrador Cooper on Friday morning after being away for a few days in Palm Springs.

Love Your Bean sculptural installation by Cosimo Cavallaro
Cosimo Cavallaro Jelly Bean installation West Hollywood Park
Three vibrant large-scale jelly beans have appeared in West Hollywood Park alongside San Vicente Boulevard as part of the city's outdoor public art initiative.
Love Your Bean Cosimo Cavallaro Jelly Beans West Hollywood Park
Love Your Bean Cosimo Cavallaro Jelly Beans sculptures West Hollywood Park
The trio of bright orange and green, plus black (or is that midnight blue?) sculptures can't help but catch your eye as you walk, or drive by, and are another example of the fantastic whimsical art to be seen on the streets of West Hollywood.
West Hollywood Park Love Your Bean installation
Cosimo Cavallaro West Hollywood Park Jelly Bean installation
I'm not quite sure what Cooper thought about them, but at least he didn't want to cock a leg and pee over them, but I'm sure it won't be long before another dog has the same idea.
orange jelly bean cosimo cavallaro weho
Cosimo Cavallaro West Hollywood Park Jelly Beans
These humorous jelly bean sculptures by Cosimo Cavallaro are a fun addition to the park and really complement the equally whimsical Temple of Folly sculptures by Liz Craft to be found near this new installation.
Cosimo Cavallaro Jelly Bean trio West Hollywood Park
Jelly Beans West Hollywood Park
I certainly couldn't help but capture the super-sized candy, like some giant had dropped them from on high, even though the dazzling sunshine and hazy heat of the day didn't make for the best photographic conditions.
Love Your Bean art installation West Hollywood Park
Even though this photo is a tad overexposed, it's cool to see the Pacific Design Center (and me photographing it) reflected on its shiny surface.
Jelly Bean reflections West Hollywood Park
Let's hope these giant jelly beans are treated with respect and nobody vandalizes or tries to steal one, like they did with the William Sweetlove's pink bulldog statue earlier this year. They look pretty hefty, so the possibility of theft seems unlikely, but let's face it, you never know.

Hopefully everyone will get a chance to enjoy this latest West Hollywood eye candy...

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