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Drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in September 2013...

Even though L.A.'s skyline has been invaded by hordes of new fall season TV billboards this month, there was still room for some fun, clever and eye-catching ad creatives for drinks, technology and lifestyle brands and organisations.

Arts and exhibition billboards
Cow poop changed LA Natural History Museum billboard
I couldn't resist leading with this billboard as the headline itself is an attention grabber - 'Cow poop changed LA.!' The fun ad creative is for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and it's for their new permanent exhibition, 'Becoming L.A.', which explains how things like floods, the Gold Rush, railroads and cattle helped shape the agricultural and industrial destiny of the region.

Drinks billboards
Pacifico Beer surfer wetsuit wall mural Venice Beach
On a recent visit to Venice Beach I spied these two ad creatives for Pacifico Beer which is definitely trying to target the surfer community of Southern California. I especially like this fun wetsuit wall mural which is cleverly worked into the actual window design of the building.
Pacifico Beer male surfer billboard
Meanwhile Michelob Ultra went big this month on the side of the Sunset Vine Tower to assure us their beer is 'refreshingly refreshing', perfect for the hot summer months.
Giant Michelob Ultra refreshingly refreshing billboard
And in the world of hard liquor, Johnnie Walker was introducing us to its premium Platinum Label whisky blend.
Johnnie Walker Introducing Platinum Label billboard
Plus Svedka Vodka continues to roll out its new flavoured vodka varieties, including its new Citron lemon flavoured drink.

If you're a fan of the brand, be sure to check out these billboards for Svedka's other flavoured vodkas.
Svedka Vodka Citron billboard
And Veev's Vita Frute ready mixed range of cocktails continued to promote its organic and low calorie credentials, as well as being easy to drink from the bottle. Just add ice to enjoy.
Veev Vita Frute billboard
'Tis the season of pumpkin everything, and Starbucks is one of the major culprits of pushing pumpkin- themed drinks and treats, and apparently has been doing so for the last decade. Give it a few more months and I'm sure we'll all be sick to be back teeth of pumpkin flavoured everything, for another year at least.
Giant Celebrating decade pumpkin devotion Starbucks billboard
This month Pom, the pomegranate based juice, continued to support its new Mango, Coconut and Pineapple variants with more fun special extension billboards targeting parents of small kids and the health conscious.
Pom 21 & over Pom Hula 3 & Up billboard
If you like this witty ad for Pom Hula, be sure to also check out the rest of Pom's brand extension ad campaign.
Diet Coke Be up for being up for anything billboard
And finally for the drinks category, Diet Coke was 'up for being up for anything'. But does anyone else miss the 'Diet Coke Guy' though?

Technology billboards
Green iPhone 5c billboard
The end of September saw Apple inject a burst of bold colour into the L.A. skyline with its new ads for the iPhone 5c, which come in green, blue, yellow, pink and white (and is the tech brand's cheapest ever smartphone).
Tinder app billboard
Meanwhile a smartphone app that raised its profile this month was Tinder with this special extension ad along the Sunset Strip. Tinder seems to be a bit of a dating and hook up app, helping you to find casual sex partners (which sounds like the straight version of the Grindr app for gay men). O the times they are a changin.
place where you can go fast Xbox One billboard
Meanwhile in the gaming market, the big news this month was the launch of Microsoft's new Xbox One games console.

Let's hope the software giant has more luck with this hardware launch than they've had with the launch of their Surface tablet (which they were hoping would take on Apple's iPad), whose poor performance resulted in a $900 million loss in 'inventory adjustments', ouch.
Magic, meet science Xbox One billboard
One of the problems I have with Microsoft is that their ads are always so clinical and product-driven. Where is the magic and creativity?

Health billboards
Not ready for parenthood messy spaghetti kid billboard
One of my favourite billboards in the skies of L.A. recently is this hilarious 'Not ready for parenthood?' ad creative, with its messy kid covered in spaghetti. It's a fun and not preachy way to sell a safe sex message for pregnancy prevention, and most of all it made me smile.
Sexual Revolution 2 AHF safe sex billboard
On the other end of the scale this tangle of naked bodies also caught my eye for a whole different reason, it's a veritable smorgasbord of body parts and you're not quite sure where one ends of the other begins. This latest risqué Sexual Revolution 2 offering from AIDS Healthcare Foundation is all part of their continuing mission to prevent the spread of HIV and STDs.

Miscellaneous billboards
Focus glasses billboard Sunset Boulevard
And finally these last two billboards look like the belong to the same design family, but I'm not really sure what they are for, but I like their simple and striking creatives.

Are they part of an art project, or just a way for the OOH companies to draw attention to their advertising medium? Hmmm, if you know anything, do let me know more.
The cherry on the top billboard
And there you have a really eclectic collection of billboards for the month of September.

Be sure to check out this month's movie, music and game billboard round-up and stick around in the days to come for more fashion and television ad creatives that have caught my eye these past few weeks.

Stay tuned...

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