Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oops! I've signed up for the Vancouver Marathon 2014...

In the infamous words of Britney Spears, "Oops!... I did it again" and signed up once more for the Vancouver Marathon in British Columbia, Canada on May 4, 2014. It may seems ages away, but I've learned from experience that these races come around quicker than you think.

running bib Vancouver Marathon 2013
Why the rush to sign up you ask? Well aside from the soaring temperatures when I ran the 26.2 miles in May this year, it really is a beautiful and amazing course, just as the bus advertising below suggests. I've run quite a few races through industrial zones and city back streets, that it was a refreshing change to run through the lush tree-lined route with beaches and the magnificent snow-capped mountains proving some breathtaking visual relief mile after mile.

Another major reason is that I also need something to aim for and motivate me after several months of physical therapy for my knee and shoulder. I've not actually competed, or even run that much, since the Vancouver Marathon 2013.
Burrard Bridge Vancouver
The news from the doctors isn't that encouraging to be honest, because after working to correct my body mechanics and strengthen my right leg with the dodgy knee, taking a closer look at my MRI scan they seem to think there's a defect under the knee cap causing the pain where the cartilage has worn away.

Apparently it doesn't grow back and there's only so much I can do to strengthen the leg muscles, so potentially it may be something I just have to grin and bare, and just keep strapping up and treating in the future.

Given the choice of running and not running I'd rather continue, as I find these marathons so motivating and personally satisfying. There really isn't anything like that sense of accomplishment of crossing the Finish Line. Will it get worse and cause damage quicker? Probably, but I'd rather live for the moment today and not live my life full of regrets, wishing I'd run one more marathon.
Vancouver Marathon bus advertising 2013
What it does mean is that I'll definitely be avoiding the hillier marathons in future, so I'm glad I've already ticked the San Francisco Marathon and the Honolulu Marathon off my bucket list.

Vancouver isn't without hills and inclines, but by comparison they are manageable, and I always find running a marathon for the second or third time easier as you're familiar with the course and can plan and pace yourself accordingly.

The L.A. Marathon is also another fantastically flatter course from stadium to sea and so that's actually next on my list on March 9, 2014.
Running last miles Stanley Park Vancouver Marathon 2013
I'll be training once to again with my T2: Team to End AIDS running mates and raising money for a very worthy cause. I've already raised almost $2,700 for next year, so if you can help me increase this by DONATING TODAY, please do click through and help with as little as $5, or more if possible. It's all greatly appreciated and put to work helping people the minute it's received.

Hopefully my body will be kind to me once I start putting in the distance again and by May next year I'll be fit enough to break my inaugural Vancouver Marathon time of 3:50:26.

Now more importantly, I wonder what the t-shirt and medal will look like next year...

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