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Returning TV show billboards filling the skies of L.A. in September 2013...

I love every new TV season, not only for the fab new shows and returning series, but also the amazing imagery that the channels and networks use to tempt you to watch their offerings. With a constant supply of freshman challengers coming every season, it makes it even more difficult for shows already on the air to hold onto their audiences, so they have to work all the more harder to capture your imagination for subsequent seasons.

TV billboards
American Horror Story Coven season 3 billboard
American Horror Story has produced eye-catching imagery from the first year the anthology horror series debuted in October 2010, but this latest promo poster for the third season of the show, Coven, is my favourite so far and quite possibly the best ad creative of the entire fall TV season.

If you like this supernatural white serpent creative, be sure to also take a look at this equally arresting human voodoo doll billboard for American Horror Story: Coven, which if you hadn't guessed is all about witches and dark magical forces this season.
Walking Dead season 4 billboard
Another favourite billboard this fall is for the returning fourth season of The Walking Dead, which continues to keep 'Rick Grimes' as the focal hero of the atmospheric creative, plus hints at the defenses of their prison sanctuary coming down (with the zombie horde not too far behind no doubt).

If you're a fan of the ratings winning cable show, be sure to check out these previous season billboards for The Walking Dead (especially now that a spin-off series in the same universe has been announced).
Homeland season 3 billboard
After the explosive events of the season two finale, Homeland returns for a third season of terrorism and further craziness. My only hope is that the series doesn't descend into too many shock tactics to keep audiences watching, otherwise the show could start to unravel and become utterly unbelievable.
Revolution season 2 billboard
Following an inconsistent first season, Revolution is back for its sophomore season and even though the billboard creative promises 'A new power lights the way', I found the first episode to be a grim affair and I really worry for the future of this post-apocalyptic series, it does not look bright.
Chicago Fire season 2 billboard
Another show returning for a second season is Chicago Fire, promising to turn up the heat on the drama and relationships of the hot young firefighters and paramedics.
New Girl season 3 billboard
Meanwhile in the world of sitcoms, Zooey Deschanel is no longer the New Girl as her kooky comedy enters its third season, which after a rocky start has really found its feet (and its audience).

If you're a fan of the show, be sure to check out these New Girl season one and two billboards from around the streets of L.A. and New York City.
The League season 5 billboard
The semi-improvised comedy The League is back for a fifth season of sporting humour and also makes its move to the new FXX channel.
Key & Peele season 3 billboard
Back for a third season of funny sketches and characters are comedians Key & Peele, who received this eye-catching special extension billboard for their returning Comedy Central show along L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
The Heart She Holler season 2 billboard
Quite probably the most deranged and creepy image this month was for Adult Swim's returning live-action Southern Gothic horror series The Heart, She Holler, back for a second season. This surreal creative certainly gets you in the mood for Halloween.
China IL TV sucks season 2 billboard
And this other billboard for Adult Swim is for the sophomore season of their animated show, China, IL, which is all about the 'worst college in America'. Sadly this fun 'TV sucks' creative was defaced by graffiti before I could get a better shot of it, which is a real shame.
Giant Eastbound & Down season 4 billboard
Just when you thought you'd seen the last of Danny McBride's 'Kenny Powers' he's back for a fourth and apparently final season of Eastbound & Down.

The former baseball star is not content to settle in the suburbs with his family, so he's back on his quest for fame and glory, and from the looks of this giant ad creative the money, fast cars and bikini-clad women are all within reach.
The Voice season 5 billboard
If that wasn't enough drama for you, in the world of reality talent competitions the original mentors of the U.S. version of The Voice are reunited for a fifth season. Cee Lo Green and a slimmed down Christina Aguilera return to join Blake Shelton and Adam Levine in the Emmy-winning singing contest, after Usher and Shakira filled in for them last season.
Ellen Degeneres talk show season 11 billboard
Also returning for a phenomenal eleventh season of the daytime chat show is Ellen Degeneres, who proves you can be gay, funny, married, successful and be the idol of millions, and the world doesn't come to an end.
Jason Bateman Arrested Development Emmy 2013 billboard
And finally here's an Emmy consideration billboard for Jason Bateman for his role in Arrested Development, which returned for a fourth season courtesy of Netflix this year. He may not have won this year, the honour went to Jim Parsons for playing The Big Bang Theory's 'Sheldon Cooper', but it's always nice to be considered, right?

If you liked all these ad campaigns for returning television series in the world of horror, comedy, thrillers and animation, be sure to check out all the new challengers to the crown in this round-up of the new fall 2013 TV show billboards.

Plus stick around in the days to come for some stylish fall fashion billboards to inspire your wardrobe...

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