Thursday, October 17, 2013

A new wave of GuitarTown sculptures grace Sunset Strip in Fall 2013...

Get ready for a whole new round of guitar creations to grace L.A.'s Sunset Strip this fall courtesy of a new batch of artists to benefit the charity, Music for Relief. The giant 10-foot-tall Les Paul guitar public art installation inspired by music icons and rock legends first invaded Sunset Strip back in August 2010 and these new designs show there's still life in the concept.

GuitarTown sculpture 2013 Sunset Strip
GuitarTown sculptures 2013 Sunset Strip
The new guitars were first unveiled at a private ceremony at the Hornburg Sunset Strip car dealership back in July as they are one of the sponsors of this charity art initiative, but this is the first time I've seen this new batch appearing along the infamous stretch of Sunset Boulevard.

'Don Jose, Que Chévere' 
José Feliciano tribute guitar sculpture by Juliana Martinez
Don Jose Que Chévere José Feliciano guitar Juliana Martinez
José Feliciano tribute GuitarTown sculpture Juliana Martinez
José Feliciano homage GuitarTown sculpture Juliana Martinez
José Feliciano GuitarTown Juliana Martinez
First up is this wonderful mosaic creation by Juliana Martinez, with her third design for GuitarTown in honour of legendary guitarist José Feliciano.

Her work is always so detailed and imaginative, and this time I especially like the dominoes she's used in her design in addition to the colourful assorted tiles.

If you like this ornate design, be sure to check out Juliana's Buffalo Springfield tribute guitar from last year and her fab Summer of Love GuitarTown sculpture from 2008.

'City of Angels' guitar sculpture by Kat Von D
City of Angels guitar sculpture Kat Von D
City of Angels GuitarTown sculpture Kat Von D
The next guitar I can't very excited about as it's by Kat Von D and it seems a bit like shameless self promotion, more than an homage to any music legend in particular. 

I have to say I'm slightly biased about the High Voltage Tattoo parlour owner, as I haven't forgiven her for what she did to Sandra Bullock by cheating with her husband (although let's face it the Hollywood actress is far better off without Jesse James).
GuitarTown sculptures 2013 Sunset Strip
Be sure to take a trip down memory lane here at Jason in Hollywood by checking out all the previous GuitarTown designs and stick around in the weeks to come as even more creations appear in the local West Hollywood neighbourhood...

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