Monday, October 21, 2013

Alice Cooper and Janis Joplin GuitarTown tributes grace Sunset Strip...

The third generation of guitar creations for Sunset Strip's GuitarTown have certainly started to appear along the infamous stretch in West Hollywood and here's two more of the artistically decorated over-sized Gibson Les Paul guitars. One an homage to Alice Cooper and the other a tribute to Janis Joplin, both music legends in their own right.

'Welcome to my Nightmare' guitar sculpture by Stacey Wells
Welcome to my Nightmare guitar sculpture Stacey Wells
Alice Cooper GuitarTown tribute sculpture Stacey Wells
Welcome to my Nightmare Alice Cooper guitar tribute Stacey Wells
Even from a distance you can tell this painted guitar is a tribute to scary rock singer Alice Cooper, with his trademarked dark eye makeup really standing out.
Alice Cooper GuitarTown tribute Stacey Wells
Alice Cooper GuitarTown tribute Andaz Hotel
This guitar by Stacey Wells is just part of the GuitarTown outdoor public art installation which are created to be auctioned for charity.

This particular guitar homage to shock rocker Alice Cooper is the perfect design for Halloween, although it could have been made even better if the artist had gone the extra mile and had a snake entwined around the neck of the guitar, just for extra effect.

'Tribute to my friend, Janis Joplin' guitar sculpture 
by Lyle Tuttle and Mark Phillips
Janis Joplin GuitarTown tribute sculpture Lyle Tuttle Mark Phillips
Janis Joplin GuitarTown tribute strings
Janis Joplin GuitarTown homage Sunset Strip
Next up is a colourful homage to Janis Joplin by Lyle Tutttle who was the tattoo artist for the iconic singer.

This trippy psychedelic design is the perfect homage for the former Big Brother and the Holding Company band member and solo artist who was known as 'The Queen of Psychedelic Soul'.
Janis Joplin GuitarTown sculpture back
Janis Joplin tribute guitar sculpture
It's also one of the only GuitarTown artistic creations which actually has guitar strings as part of its design which makes it quite unique.

If you like these two designs, be sure to also check out the new Linkin Park and ZZ Top GuitarTown tributes, plus this guitar homage to José Feliciano, which are all part of the Generation III of the Sunset Strip's GuitarTown charity art project, which first debuted back in August 2010.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for more creative 10-foot-tall guitars in the days and weeks to come and be sure to share what I find here...

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