Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Carved Halloween pumpkin designs to inspire your creativity...

Every year I really enjoy carving pumpkin designs to get in the festive mood for the annual spooky holiday. Often it can take a few sketches to come up with some ideas before I start scooping out the innards and start carving, so here's a few of my past creations in case you're struggling for inspiration this Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkins 2012
Spooky Halloween pumpkin
Carved Halloween pumpkin designs
Carved Halloween pumpkin
I really liked last year's Jack O'Lantern designs, I think I was definitely influenced by the Batman sign for the mouth of one of the pumpkins and for the other I'd obviously been watching too much RuPaul's Drag Race, as it has a decidedly drag queen feel to it.

Halloween Pumpkin 2011
Carved Halloween pumpkin
Carved Halloween pumpkin
In 2011 I only had time for one pumpkin, not my best, but I think the top crest idea came from Marvel Comics superhero characters, Nova's space helmet and even Guardians of the Galaxy's Star-Lord helmet.

Halloween Pumpkins 2010
Carved alien Halloween pumpkin
Fun Halloween pumpkin designs
Creepy Halloween pumpkin
In 2010 one of my carved pumpkins was definitely inspired by the three-eyed aliens in Toy Story (and is one of my favourites to date), whilst the other fiery creation was inspired by the shape of flames, which is kind of appropriate for a lantern filled with candles.

Halloween Pumpkins 2009
Sinister Halloween pumpkin
Spooky Halloween pumpkin designs
Jack Skelington pumpkin design
These two other Halloween pumpkins from 2009 are also some of my favorites, one is obviously inspired by 'Jack Skellington' from The Nightmare Before Christmas with that thin stitched smile, whilst the other creation looks pretty sinister with those spiky eyebrows.

Now looking back has got my creative juices flowing and I'm wondering what I should make for this Halloween (at least I get to use all those tea-lights from IKEA that you can't resist whenever you go in that store).

Let the countdown to Halloween begin...

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