Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cool lifestyle billboards haunting the skies in October 2013...

Don't you just love this time of year, when there's loads of Halloween-themed decorations, stores and billboards popping up all over the place. You just know that when the clock strikes midnight on October 31, that the Halloween ephemera will come down and we'll be rushing headlong into Thanksgiving and the Holidays. For now, enjoy these fantastic Halloween-themed billboards and the rest of the lifestyle ads haunting the skies of L.A. in October.

Halloween themed billboards
Evil Dead Halloween Horror Nights billboard
Universal Studios Hollywood is infamous for their annual Halloween Horror Nights and these special extension billboards for the theme park were real creepy finds this month.
Walking Dead zombie Halloween Horror Nights billboard
The amusement park has lots of themed terror mazes and interactive scare zones based on favorite movie franchises and TV shows, like the recently resurrected film franchise the Evil Dead and massively popular post-apocalyptic zombie series, The Walking Dead.
Halloween Horror Nights Black Sabbath 13 billboard
They even have a horror attraction inspired by the heavy metal band Black Sabbath's latest album, 13, to help celebrate the Halloween festivities this year.
LA Zoo Bring your little pumpkin heads billboard
For the little ones who are not quite ready for such horrific scares, it looks like Los Angeles Zoo has some fun Halloween activities and events planned if this pumpkin-wearing meerkat billboard is anything to go by.
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride billboard 2013
But if you are looking for more grownup chills in Griffith Park, you can always check out L.A.'s Haunted Hayride for a more macabre experience.
Elvira Out of the Closet Halloween billboard
Elvira the Mistress of the Dark returned to the skies of L.A. this month to encourage people to find their Halloween costumes at Out of the Closet and at the same time support a worthwhile HIV/AIDS charity.
Awaken the Dead Leg Avenue Halloween billboard
And if you were looking for a sexier outfit this Halloween, Leg Avenue had some costume ideas and this billboard inspired by the Day of the Dead to tempt you.

Technology billboards
Giant Starts with Jambox Jawbone billboard
Jawbone made a big impact along the Sunset Strip this month for their Jambox wireless speakers, still holding on to the feel of summer with this swimming pool ad creative.
Yellow iPhone 5c billboard
And this month Apple continued to fill the skies of L.A. with ads for their new colourful iPhone 5c, like this one for the yellow model.
Collective Life is but a screen billboard
Plus there was even some business to business billboards on display, like this clever play on words 'Life is but a screen' ad creative for Collective: the audience engine, hawking their online advertising opportunities.

Car billboards
Mercedes Benz ALC special mannequin billboard
I'm always bemoaning the unoriginality of out-of-home car advertising, so I was pleased to see this 3D mannequin installation along the Sunset Strip this month for the all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA. What's more, this special billboard ties in to their TV commercial featuring Willem Dafoe as the devil and a billboard hoarding being installed plays a crucial part in the storyline of the ad.
BMW 328d Diesel 45 MPG billboard
And Mercedes-Benz is not the only luxury car manufacturer trying to get your attention this month, as further down the road, BMW has been trying to woo customers with the fuel efficiency of its 328d diesel model (someone really should give these cars more consumer-friendly names rather than model numbers).

Sports billboards
Santa Anita Breeders Cup special extension billboard
It's always nice to see advertisers do things differently, and this month the Santa Anita Park Breeder's Cup paid homage to Baz Lurmann's recent movie remake of The Great Gatsby with their fun new special extension billboard design. They obviously are trying to convey how flamboyant, fashionable and party-like the horse racing event is with this ad creative.

Travel billboards
Giant Emirates A380 billboard
From a day at the races in style to traveling in the lap of luxury, and Emirates Airlines had this giant billboard along Wilshire Boulevard this month to highlight their new L.A. to Dubai A380 Airbus premium service.
lot of the same can be good thing Delta Airlines billboard
But not everyone can afford to travel in such luxurious circumstances, so Delta Airlines was highlighting all their domestic flights from LAX have Wi-Fi in their latest ad (although if that's all they have to shout about, it's a bit of a sad state of affairs).
Celebrity Caribbean Cruise billboard
From air travel to travel by sea and Celebrity Cruises was trying to tempt passersby with a taste of the Caribbean this month.

Health and fitness billboards
Pop Physique Sculpting LA billboard
If you were looking to get in shape then Pop Physique had an eye-catching ad this month for their ballet barre inspired exercise classes, designed to burn fat and sculpt your body. There's something about this billboard creative which reminds me of American Apparel's ad campaigns, if you don't believe me, check out this swimsuit model billboard from the fashion brand.
HIV Care org Not scary billboard
Meanwhile AIDS Healthcare Foundation's message this month was that their HIV care wasn't scary for clients in need of their help.
Score Suit up LA Free condoms billboard
And because prevention is always better than having to treat unwanted STD's (and pregnancies), the gay sports leagues are helping to encourage L.A. County residents to practice safe sex and use a condom with free supplies all year long.

If you want to see more Halloween-themed billboards, be sure to get out more examples from this time last year.

And before I forget, Happy Halloween, whatever ghoulish delights you have planned...

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