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Hot TV billboards around L.A. in October 2013...

The cancellations have already begun for the new fall TV season (bye bye Lucky 7, We are Men, Ironside and Welcome to the Family) and there's sure to be more to follow, but there are still new and returning series to support, including the second wave of programming for this autumn season. Here's a collection of some of the eye-catching television billboards lining the skies of L.A. this October.

TV billboards
Giant American Daredevils series premiere billboard
First up is this giant spectacle for History's American Daredevils which really grabs your attention with its splash of red against the blue California sky.
Giant Eastbound Down series 4 billboard
Next is a new super-sized creative for HBO's fourth and final season of Eastbound & Down starring Danny McBride, which has flipped ad locations along the Sunset Strip with the giant series premiere billboard for Stephen Merchant's comedy Hello Ladies.
Giant Hello Ladies billboard
Another massive wall-wrapped ad creative looming large over Sunset Boulevard is this billboard for Al Jazeera America's all-new U.S. news channel. The newly launched channel has received mixed reviews from critics, with some saying it presents biased news, whilst others claiming it offers a fresh reporting perspective.
Giant Aljazeera America new look at news billboard
From new and current affairs to the far lighter medium of comedy and the highly satirical South Park animated series, back for a seventeenth season on the Comedy Channel and heralded by this clever special extension billboard featuring 'Cartman' and co. peaking over the top.
South Park season 17 special extension billboard
Speaking of comedy, The Eric Andre Show was back for a sophomore season on Adult Swim and had this fun montage billboard to support it.
Eric Andre Show season 2 billboard
The Blacklist was one of the first shows to get a full season order, so it's no wonder that NBC is heralding it as the 'Fall's best new drama' (although some would dispute this I'm sure).
The Blacklist season 1 billboard
Whilst driving around the streets of L.A. I spied this other ad creative for Lifetime's magical new show, Witches of East End, featuring Julia Ormomd. If you're a fan of the new spellbinding series based on Melissa de la Cruz's book of the same name, be sure to take a look at these other Witches of East End billboards.
Witches of East End season 1 billboard
Witches are not the only supernatural creatures to grace TV screens this fall in time for Halloween, as the legendary vampire Dracula rises from his crypt once again, this time in the form of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
Dracula TV remake billboard
And he's not the only long-lived bloodsucker in town this season, as The Vampire Diaries gets its own spin-off series in the form of The CW's The Originals.
Originals series premiere billboard
From vampires to mythical creatures from fairytale and folklore, and things certainly look grim for the third season of NBC's fantasy cop show, Grimm.
Grimm season 3 billboard
For a brighter future, you only have to look at this ad creative for the TV remake of the Tomorrow People, sporting all kinds of pretty young people gifted with strange powers. Who says TV land has run out of ideas by bring back characters like Dracula and remaking this 70's kids sci-fi show which already received a remake in the 90's in the U.K.
Tomorrow People series premiere billboard
Speaking of characters we've seen recently, although this time on the big screen, Alice in Wonderland gets rebooted for the small screen in this new spin-off ABC series from Once Upon a Time.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland billboard
Another who featuring a strong female lead this season is Reign, based on the historical exploits of Mary Queen of Scots in the 1500's (although there may be more sex, intrigue and love triangles in this version of events).
Reign series premiere billboard
And Homeland, which is back for a third season of terrorists and family drama, received a few new ad creatives to mark the return of 'Brody' to the show after his absence in the first few episodes.
Homeland season 3 billboard
Let's hope his return can propel the show forward again, as I have to say it's gone off the boil for me this season. But a premise like this was only ever going to get more convoluted and preposterous as it went on.
Homeland season 3 billboard
And finally Love That Girl is back for a fourth season with this ad creative, although I'd never heard of the show before seeing this billboard, but I'm probably not target market anyway.
Love That Girl season 4 billboard
As you can see, there's still a lot of drama (and comedy and intrigue) in the skies of L.A. this month.

Stick around in the days to come for even more great round-ups of October's eye-catching billboards, including fashion, drinks, lifestyle, movies and music ad creatives.

Plus check out my Daily Billboard blog for the very latest ads every day...

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