Saturday, October 26, 2013

Movies, music and musical billboards gracing L.A.'s skyline in October 2013...

There's been slim pickings for movies in October (with a few notable exceptions like the magnificent Gravity), but all the major film studios are now gearing up their winter blockbusters to dazzle audiences. Here's a collection of movie billboards, plus music and musical billboards lining the skies of L.A. in October 2013.

Movie billboards
Thor Dark World movie billboard
First up is the mighty Avenger Thor is his first sequel, The Dark World. This dramatic special extension billboard makes Chris Hemsworth look every inch the God of Thunder.
Giant Thor Dark World movie billboard
The Marvel movie also sported a giant-sized billboard along L.A.'s busy Sunset Strip which has a more epic creative and showcases the Norse god's mortal lady love, 'Jane Foster' (played by Natalie Portman) along with his other Asgardian allies and foes.
Giant Rush movie billboard
The star has certainly been busy as here's another super-sized billboard featuring the handsome Aussie as 'James Hunt' in the Formula One biopic, Rush.
Giant About Time movie billboard
Speaking of giant-sized billboards, here's one for the new Brit romantic comedy from Richard Curtis, About Time.
Last Vegas special movie billboard
Another movie billboard campaign which really stood out this month were these special extension ads for Last Vegas, an aging buddy comedy featuring an all-star cast set in Sin City. The ad has a great 'Rat Pack' quality to it and the special extensions of the actors heads really catch your eye.
Bad Grandpa special installation movie billboard
Meanwhile this stunt billboard along Sunset Strip for the new Jackass movie, Bad Grandpa, really grabs your attention with its 3D dangling kid creative.

If you like this special installation, be sure to also check out the other hilarious Bad Grandpa movie billboards at my Daily Billboard blog.
Free Birds movie billboard
And if you haven't gotten your fill of computer-animated feature films this summer (because there's certainly been an overabundance), get ready for more talking creatures, this time of the feathered variety in Free Birds. This fowl Thanksgiving-themed movie has the comic vocal talents of Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson and Amy Poehler, so let's hope it's not a total turkey.
Hunger Games 2 Catching Fire billboard
This November prepare for box office records to be broken when the second installment in The Hunger Games movie adaptation opens. Catching Fire has a new director and no doubt a bigger production budget, but it's Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence's plucky 'Katniss Everdeen' that fans will be lining up to see.
Enders Game movie billboard
And speaking of books adapted to film, confirmed homophobe Orson Scott Card sees his 1985 sci-fi novel Ender's Game brought to the big screen. There's a boycott planned because of the author's anti-gay stance, so even though this looks like a good science fiction film, I'm hoping it flops as the thought of such a prejudiced bigot having his pockets lined with more cash so that he can perpetuate more hatred is not the future I'm hoping for.
Carrie movie remake billboard
With Halloween approaching it wouldn't be right not to have a horror movie like Carrie opening this month (there should be more really, but I think they all opened in the summer instead, like The Purge and The Conjuring). I'm a huge fan of Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, but this movie remake of Stephen King's supernatural horror novel is totally unnecessary as it brings nothing new to the screen.

Musical billboards
Lion King Musical billboard Sunset Strip
From movies to musicals based on a movie, and Disney's The Lion King is back in L.A. this fall and has this cool special extension billboard along the Sunset Strip to herald its arrival.

Music billboards
Katy Perry Prism album billboard
In the world of music, the big release of the week was Katy Perry's new album, Prism. And in addition to being on every radio station and in every magazine I open to publicise her new record, she also has this billboard ad in the skies of Sunset Plaza this month.
Madonna Bit Torrent secret project billboard
Meanwhile Madonna had this not-so-secret billboard along Sunset Boulevard for her secret Bit Torrent project. Maybe someone needs to explain to her 'Madgesty' what secret actually means.

So as you can see there's been an eclectic mix of movie, music and musical billboards lining the skies of L.A. in October.

Stick around in the weeks to come as there's sure to be more film ads to come as we race headlong into Oscar consideration and Christmas blockbuster season...

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