Monday, October 7, 2013

The diagnosis is Runner's Knee...

Months of physical therapy, countless massages, acupuncture, orthotics, ice packs, painkillers, an MRI and some x-rays later (and not to mention the cost), and the diagnosis about my painful right knee is really quite simple, it's Runner's Knee.

Knee xrays
Hmmm, did I really need a doctor to tell me that?

Apparently the technical term is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (amongst other names) and comes from overuse of the knee in sports such as running. So finally I've found a sport that I love, and that I'm good at, and I get a really common injury it seems.
Running with Runner's Knee
For months I strapped up my right leg to keep myself running, to try and minimise the pain behind my kneecap, and it looks like I'll be doing it in the future to make sure I can continue to keep competing in these marathons.

Stopping running is not an option for me, so I've just had an injection in my knee to see if that can numb the pain (which is exponentially worse on hills, inclines and stairs) and I'm told it may help for a day, a week or up to four months, or not at all. Doesn't sound like an exact science does it.
Knee xray
Anyway, at least surgery is not needed and the good news is I can return to running, which is lucky really as I've already signed up for next year's L.A. Marathon and Vancouver Marathon.

I'm looking forward to hitting those streets again, so wish me luck for a pain free return to running...

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