Friday, November 1, 2013

Costume craziness at West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval 2013...

Last night hundreds of thousands descended on West Hollywood for the annual Halloween Carnaval, and as usual Santa Monica Boulevard was crammed with creative costumes and characters out to enjoy the Halloween festivities.

Making an entrance at this year's West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
West Hollywood Halloween zombie bride
Last year I dressed in a zombie Wonder Woman costume, but this year I wanted to celebrate our recent marriage and show support for gay marriage everywhere, obviously with our own unique and horrific twist on things.
Oz Great Powerful balloon West Hollywood Halloween
Once again I was bowled over by the sheer inventiveness of all those in costume, like this fantastic hot air balloon homage to Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful.

The ghoulish groom and bloody bride take on the religious nuts
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Bride and Groom
And even though thousands of people were happy to stroll the boulevard stopping for photos and having fun, there were still those who wanted to put a dampener on things, specifically a small group of religious nut jobs shouting about sin and Jesus. Anyway, it just made for another great photo opportunity as revelers, us included, decided to rain on their parade instead and have a joke at their expense, and celebrate fun and freedom for one night.

Miley makes it twerk
Miley Cyrus costume West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Every year there's always a few clear influences on the Carnaval costumes and this year's winner had to be Miley Cyrus and her twerking incident with Robin Thicke (there were even those willing to reenact the performance in the street).
Robin Thicke Miley Cyrus costumes West Hollywood Halloween
Another favorite outfit from the world of music was inspired by 'The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)' song by Ylvis, like this troop of foxes.

And the fox said...
Fox costumes West Hollywood Halloween
Plus this year the out-of-this-world sci-fi movie Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, was a real inspiration to loads of people as astronauts seemed to be everywhere, in all manner of space suits and designs.

To infinity and beyond...
astronauts West Hollywood Halloween
There are always those influenced by latest current affairs and political events, and I was so pleased to see some people channeling the imprisoned Pussy Riot girl group amongst the parade of costumes.

I predict a riot...
Pussy Riot costumes West Hollywood Halloween
I'm surprised no one came dressed as a bottle of vodka to protest Putin's bigotry and prejudice towards Russia's gay citizens.

This is what royal babysitting looks like
Queen Baby George costumes West Hollywood Halloween
And whilst some outfits have a clever message, others just make you laugh like this one with Britain's Queen and her new great-grandson, baby George, in his stroller.
Scandal parody costume West Hollywood Halloween
And this Scandal-ous costume, a parody of Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope in bed with the President.
Skeleton pumpkin patch West Hollywood Halloween
Plus there's some truly creative costume ideas, like this skeleton in a pumpkin patch. How clever and original is this, and it has more of a spooky Halloween theme which is a bit of a novelty as anything tends to go on this spectacular night which is traditionally about witches, ghosts and ghouls.
Faux female bodybuilder West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Whilst some people build or make their own costumes, some folks have the bodies that allow them to wear just about anything. This faux female bodybuilder costume is so clever and it's no wonder everyone wants to take advantage of this photo opportunity.

Birds of a feather...
Zombie brides West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
On that note, the Carnaval was super-busy this year and the number of people photo bombing was totally annoying, especially those tedious critters not in costume (you know who you are). And whilst some people don't put on their best fancy dress, there's just others who think alike. Let's be honest, you can never have too many corpse brides.

Boobalicious indeed you wenches
Pirettes of the Cariboobean group costume West Hollywood Halloween
Another thing I love about West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval is the group costumes, like this all-female spin on Pirates of the Caribbean, 'Pirettes of the Cariboobean'.
Zombie bride half-skeleton costumes West Hollywood Halloween
You know I think I put more effort into my Halloween costume this year than I did for my actual wedding day, but for me this is one of my favorite nights of the year.
Zombie bride Angelyne Chips costumes West Hollywood Halloween
I think our undead bride and groom look was a hit though, as we posed for lots of photos. Probably far more than I was able to take myself, as when the clock struck crazy I decided to head home as I couldn't cope with the crowds, or people stepping on my wedding dress anymore, and the smell of weed became too intoxicating.
Mad Hatter Zombie bride costumes West Hollywood Halloween
Thanks to everyone who posed for a photo with me, be sure to let me know if you're in one of the images featured here and more in the days to come.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes
Every year I promise myself that next year I'll make a costume from scratch for Halloween, and I never do, but who knows maybe one day I will.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes 2013
I think next year I may have to give the zombie look a break as I wouldn't want to repeat myself too much. Fortunately there's lots of inspiration from last night to get the creative juices flowing, whether it be a Nicki Minaj parody or an iconic Disney Villain like Ursula from The Little Mermaid.
Nicki Minaj parody costume West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
I think these photos tell the story of a fun-filled night and reminds me what a fabulous and creative place West Hollywood is to live in.
West Hollywood Halloween witches costumes
If you like all these imaginative costumes, be sure to check out more West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes from years past and like I said, stick around in the coming days for even more sights from this year's festivities.

And just like that it's over. Last night feels like a lifetime ago and all the Halloween decorations in the streets seem dated already. Fortunately these memories will help get the spirit of Halloween going and if all else fails I still have a bloody, shredded wedding dress to put on (and may even be wearing it as I type this now)...

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