Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fun and groovy costumes from West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval 2013...

On the night you can just spot the folks who have totally embraced the Halloween festivities, rather than just simply turning up to spectate. Here's my final installment of costumed revelers from this year's West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval.

Groovy West Hollywood Halloween costumes 2013
Everyone was such good sports this year, all happy to either pose for or with me for a photo, including this groovy 70's disco inspired couple.
West Hollywood Halloween Clown costumes 2013
As ever all manner of clowns were amongst the 500,000 party goers along Santa Monica Boulevard, from the bright and colorful to the intentionally creepy. Clowns, you either love them, or hate them, these guys are obviously big fans.
Clown costume West Hollywood Halloween 2013
Dressed as a Zombie Bride myself this year I discovered it's harder to take the photos whilst you're having photos taken of you, especially when there are local news and media outlets with teams of photographers and reporters doing the exact same thing (and getting paid for it).
Will Work for Money drag costume West Hollywood Halloween
Aside from me, there were loads of colorful characters out and about enjoying the witching hour, although not that many witches, but plenty of matching costumes like gnomes and other creative groups. 
Gnome costumes West Hollywood Halloween 2013
Like these fabulous pink flamingos brightening up the neighbourhood.
Pink flamingo costumes West Hollywood Halloween 2013
Plus these glamorous ladies with not a single hair out of place.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes 2013
I'm always amazed by the inventiveness of people's costumes, like this homage to the Someecards parodies of Hallmark moments which are so popular on social media these days.
West Hollywood Halloween Someecards costumes
Plus there's always some outfit influenced by recent news, politics and current affairs, and I was wondering how someone would pull of costume inspired by the recent government shutdown, so this Statue of Liberty 'Sorry we're closed' parody was pretty clever.
Statue Liberty Government Shutdown West Hollywood Halloween costume
If you like this, be sure to check out the political and topical parody costumes from last Halloween, which are always in abundance in an election year (especially when you have someone like Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney putting his foot in his mouth so often).
God costume West Hollywood Halloween 2013
There's always those fu folks who like to poke fun at religion each year too, whether it be God or his faithful flock.
Pregnant nun bishop costume West Hollywood Halloween 2013
And in addition to pregnant nuns, there's always more than a few Vegas showgirls strutting up and down the boulevard putting on a show.
West Hollywood Halloween showgirl costume 2013
Along with the other sights you see at the Carnaval, there's always more than your fair share of eye candy to ogle over.
Tiger body paint West Hollywood Halloween 2013
Whether they be painted tigers, muscle-bound vikings, or bears (of the teddy bear variety).
Viking Teddy bear costumes West Hollywood Halloween 2013
Yes, vikings, Roman centurions and scantily-clad SWAT police were certainly in abundance. Sometimes you don't need the best costume if you have a pretty amazing body.
Viking Roman Centurion costumes West Hollywood Halloween 2013
If you like these outfits, be sure to check out the sexier side of Halloween from West Hollywood's Carnaval 2012.
SWAT Police costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2013
And then there are just the costumes that made you laugh when you see them, and let's face it you can't beat a good unicorn costume, especially when its being kissed by a sporty jock.
West Hollywood Halloween unicorn costume 2013
I have to say I find full-face mask quite claustrophobic (speaking from experience of wearing a Spider-man mask for my first few U.S. Halloween celebrations), so I always give credit to people who can wear one all night long.

And there you have my last eclectic batch of photos from this year's festivities. Be sure to check out the other fab costumes that I've posted over the last week and come back soon for more of the latest sights around L.A. (spooky or not)...

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