Wednesday, November 6, 2013

West Hollywood Halloween costumes inspired by the movies, TV and music...

Even though Halloween was almost week ago (where did that time disappear to anyway?!?), I still have lots of fun photos to share from the spooky proceedings along Santa Monica Boulevard from this year's West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. Here's a selection of fab costumes inspired by the movies, television and music.

Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes West Hollywood 2013
The Rocky Horror Picture Show just lends itself to Halloween, so it's no surprise to see the likes of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Riff Raff entertaining the crowds of onlookers.
Zombie Bride Glinda costumes West Hollywood 2013
From one musical to another, and who can resist having their picture taken with Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz.
Buddy Elf West Hollywood Carnaval 2013
One of my favorite Christmas movies is Elf, so seeing Buddy and another of Santa's helpers out and about with all the revelers made me realize that once Halloween was over we'd be hurtling headfirst into the Holidays.
Tweedle Dee Dum costumes West Hollywood
More fun from the movies came in the form of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland and this cherry duo were certainly in character.
Hangover costume West Hollywood 2013
Some costumes just make you laugh, and there's nothing like seeing an instantly recognisable homage to a bearded Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover movies with a baby in a carrier.
West Hollywood NASA astronaut costume
Alfonso Cuaron's box office sci-fi smash Gravity certainly inspired a ton of people to dress up as astronauts this year and I'd say along with Miley Cyrus impersonators and foxes it was one of the most popular costumes at the Carnaval.
West Hollywood Carnaval Charlie Chaplin costume
In addition to some more topical inspiration, there were also costumes amongst the 500,000 strong participants inspired by classic movie idols, like Charlie Chaplin.
ET costume West Hollywood Carnaval
Plus looks paying homage to favourite childhood movies like E.T. The Extraterrestrial and his human friend Elliot. I have to say growing up in the U.K. where Halloween is more about ghosts and witches and really not such a huge celebration, when I saw E.T. as a child I was almost in awe of all the people walking around the streets trick or treating in costumes of every variety on Halloween. Now every year I get to indulge my childhood fantasy of walking the streets of L.A. and doing Halloween American-style.
West Hollywood Carnaval Sesame Street costumes
From an cute alien creature to some other cute muppets, and Sesame Street characters like the Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch always seem to be popular this time of year.
Duck Dynasty costume West Hollywood Carnaval 2013
Surprisingly I thought I'd see more imitators of the Duck Dynasty family along the boulevard this year, but this was one of the only bearded members of the reality TV clan I came across.
Breaking Bad costumes West Hollywood Carnaval 2013
Whilst there were more than a few tributes to Breaking Bad, which came to a finale this season on AMC. Walter White's meth-making suit is such an easy costume to replicate, especially if you already have a beard, so I'm not surprised it was so popular.
Liberace costume West Hollywood Carnaval 2013
Behind the Candelabra was a fantastic, if a little sad, movie starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglas as the infamous entertainer, Liberace, so I'm surprised that in such a gay-friendly community as West Hollywood there were not more flambouyant outfits inspired by the world-famous pianist.
Elvis Vegas showgirl costumes West Hollywood
Speaking of entertainers, and Elvis is always a popular choice at Halloween, especially when his has an entourage of Las Vegas showgirls.
Lady Gaga Applause costume West Hollywood 2013
And Lady Gaga certainly had her moment of fame at previous Halloween festivities, but this year the fame monster seems to have been eclipsed by Miley, although you have to applaud this costume inspired by the singer's music video Applause.
Daft Punk costume West Hollywood Carnaval 2013
And Daft Punk delivered one of the summer's best songs, so I wasn't at all surprised to see more than a few costumes inspired by the French electro-music making duo.

It's always fun the dress up and indulge your inner child at Halloween, and I can certainly see how cosplayers are attracted the the genre and attend conventions all year around. There's nothing like being able to pretend to be someone else, whether a favourite character, hero or something you'd never dream of being in a million years in every day life.

Be sure to check out more fantastic costumes from West Hollywood's 2013 Halloween Carnaval and compare them to previous Halloween Carnaval costumes to see if this year made the grade and the high standard set by past attendees.

Life seems a bit dull now that all the fancy dress is over, so forget Christmas, let the countdown to next Halloween begin...

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