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West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval comic book, sci-fi and fantasy costumes 2013...

Halloween wouldn't be the same without some familiar faces, whether those faces may be wearing masks, makeup or other embellishments. Here's a collection of some cool comic book, sci-fi and fantasy Halloween looks from this year's West Hollywood Carnaval festivities.

Silk Spectre Wolverine West Hollywood Halloween
With Hugh Jackman reprising his role as The Wolverine from the X-Men this year there was no doubt there'd be some impersonators at this year's costume parade, especially when you can pull the look off convincingly.
Silk Spectre Comedian Watchmen costumes West Hollywood Halloween
And Wolvie wasn't the only one with their own Silk Spectre (II), as there were more Watchman characters walking Santa Monica Boulevard too, the original Silk Spectre and The Comedian.

And if you're a fan of Zack Snyder's 2009 movie, be sure to also check out these original Watchmen movie costumes on display.
X-Men Fifth Element costumes West Hollywood Halloween
Wolverine wasn't the only merry mutant enjoying the jam-packed evening with 500,000 others in West Hollywood either, as Sebastian Shaw and Mystique turned up from the X-Men: First Class prequel movie, plus Leeloo from 1997's sci-fi classic, The Fifth Element, were also out and about.
Thor costume West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
I'm off to the Thor: The Dark World premiere tonight, so with a new movie imminent, it wasn't a surprise to see a few thunder gods posing for fans along the boulevard, especially when they were obviously enjoying playing the part so much.
Iron Fist costume West Hollywood Halloween
Plus more characters from the Marvel Comics universe were present, like this cool Iron Fist costume. I always wonder if these people are cosplayers who go to conventions too, or just like to indulge their inner fanboys for one night on Halloween.
Bat Girl Wonder Woman costumes West Hollywood Halloween
This year I was a Zombie Bride (to celebrate gay marriage being legal in California this year, including my own), but that didn't stop me finding as many people dressed as Wonder Woman, which is one of the most iconic superhero costumes in my opinion and my Halloween choice for the previous two years.
Superman Wonder Woman costumes West Hollywood Halloween
Obviously some people looked the part more than others, whilst some put their own unique spin on things and looked equally fabulous.

Be sure to check out my own customised Zombie Wonder Woman Halloween costume from last October.
Bane costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
There are always lots of DC Comics characters out and about, from Superman to Batman and even their arch-foes, as Bane proved equally popular this year, even though the final Dark Knight installment was released last year.

If you're a fan, be sure to also to compare these Carnaval costumes to the original Bane costume worn by Tom Hardy from The Dark Knight Rises on display.
kick-Ass Hit-Girl costumes West Hollywood Halloween
Meanwhile, even though Kick-Ass 2 wasn't a huge box office smash this summer, the heroic vigilante costumes of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl still proved as popular as ever.
11th Doctor Who TARDIS costumes West Hollywood Halloween
And it always does my heart proud when I see loads of Doctor Who fans in America and to see that the British sci-fi series really has made it successfully across the Atlantic, and I saw a few homages to Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor along with many clever TARDIS and Who creature costumes.
Tonto Lone Ranger costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Another box office flop this summer was Disney's The Lone Ranger, but that didn't stop people dressing up as Tonto and the masked cowboy this Halloween.

Again if you are a fan of the Western adventure movie, be sure to check out Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer's costumes from The Lone Ranger on display.
Pirate Mad Hatter costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Speaking of Johnny Depp, his eccentric Mad Hatter costume from Alice in Wonderland was still a popular choice this year.
Ursula Cruella Disney Villain costumes West Hollywood Halloween
In fact Disney seems to be quite an inspiration when it comes to Halloween costumes, like these ladies dressed as iconic Disney Villains Ursula and Cruella de Vil.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes 2013
Plus, I'm sure we'll be seeing more Maleficent costumes next year when the live-action movie with Angelina Jolie as the Sleeping Beauty villain is released.
Maleficent costume West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
For men, aside from Tonto, Captain Jack Sparrow and the Mad Hatter, there's always the swashbuckling villain, Captain Hook, to provide a flamboyant, easily recognizable fun look.
Captain Hook costume West Hollywood Halloween
And speaking of fun, it's always a joy to see anyone dressed up in Mary Poppins costumes, especially when they're these vibrant 'Jolly Holiday' costumes and they inhabit the characters so well like this Dick Van Dyke 'Bert' impersonator.
Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday costumes West Hollywood Halloween
From one cute couple to another, and these Popeye and Olive Oil costumes based on the popular cartoon characters looked the part.
Olive Oil Popeye costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
And whilst some people thought fantastical when it came to heroes, others thought quite literal and went for some patriotic military dress uniforms for their Halloween outfits.
Soldier dress uniforms West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
As you can see it's lots of fun indulging your inner geek and dressing up as your favourite comic book, TV or movie character. Hopefully these costumes will provide some inspiration for next year as whenever I attend the Carnaval I'm always super-impressed by all the thought and effort that goes in to creating the looks and it always makes me want to do better in the future.

If you like these looks, be sure to also check out these scary Halloween costumes and more amazing West Hollywood Halloween costumes from this year's parade.

The annual spooky celebrations may be over for another year, but if I have my way, they certainly won't be forgotten anytime soon...

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