Monday, December 23, 2013

Blondie GuitarTown tribute rocks L.A.'s Sunset Strip...

After being away for almost three weeks there's lots to see and do, especially with Christmas imminent, so I've been busy spending the last few days catching up on all the latest additions to the streets and skies of L.A., from new eye-catching billboards to fabulous guitar tributes to the iconic 70's new wave and punk rock band, Blondie, making a special appearance along the Sunset Strip.

'Call Me' guitar sculpture by Eugene Daub
Call Me GuitarTown Blondie tribute sculpture Eugene Daub
Famous for such hit songs as Atomic, Heart of Glass, The Tide is High and One Way or Another, this GuitarTown homage clearly owes much to their hit 'Call Me', with lead singer Deborah Harry holding a telephone receiver in hand.
Blondie GuitarTown tribute Sunset Strip
Debbie Harry Blondie GuitarTown tribute Eugene Daub
This Debbie Harry inspired guitar sculpture is really spectacular and really pushes the envelope as part of the new wave of customised 10-foot-tall Gibson Les Paul guitars that have graced the infamous Sunset Strip in recent years as part of music-inspired GuitarTown outdoor public art installation.
Debbie Harry Blondie Guitar homage Eugene Daub
Blondie GuitarTown tribute Eugene Daub
Debbie Harry Blondie GuitarTown tribute sculpture
This amazingly detailed work is by Eugene Daub, obviously a fan of the group and singer. There's so much detail in this design, from the fab 'Blondie' necklace to the feather print tights. I just hope that no one has the gall to vandalize this excellent piece of work.
Blondie GuitarTown tribute sculpture back
Blondie Guitar tribute sculpture back
You also have to love the way the sculptor uses the body of the guitar to provide the shape of Debbie Harry's shoulders, it really is quite inspired and a joy to see on the streets of West Hollywood.
Blondie tribute sculpture GuitarTown Sunset Strip
This is probably one of the most inventive of the Gibson Les Paul makeovers I've seen by an artist for this project, which is still very much a guitar shape, but also breaks conventions by adding the head and right arm.
Deborah Harry Blondie tribute sculpture GuitarTown
Call Me Blondie tribute sculpture GuitarTown Eugene Daub
If you love this Blondie homage guitar like me, then be sure to check out similar GuitarTown tributes to bands and artists like Kiss, Alice Cooper, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Linkin Park, ZZ Top, James Brown, The Doors and many more.
Call Me GuitarTown sculpture Eugene Daub
It's great to be back in L.A., especially with such sights as this to behold. Let's hope the rest of the year has more delights in store and the New Year is just as eventful...

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