Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day 2013 highlights...

This year Christmas Day seemed to come around super fast, obviously not helped by the fact only arrived back in L.A. a few days before. Jet-lag and head colds aside, we had another fantastically jolly day. There were gifts aplenty, Christmas songs playing, crackers to be pulled (although always hard to find in the U.S. compared to the U.K.), and we ate and drank ourselves merry.

Sunny Merry Christmas morning in West Hollywood
Christmas tree and presents
Traveling home to renew our visas and catch up with friends and family in December meant we had to do most of our Christmas shopping earlier this year, which is always funny in sunny L.A., where it's harder to get in the festive spirit when the sun's shining.

Santa was kind once again this year
Giftwrapped Christmas presents 2013
Gift-wrapped Christmas gifts 2013
Fortunately it all went to plan, even though finding a turkey for Christmas Day was harder than I thought (traditionally us Brits tend to have turkey at Christmas as we don't celebrate a Thanksgiving) and we'll be eating the leftovers of our big bird for days.

Stocking full of toys and treats for Cooper 
Cooper Christmas stocking 2013
Our Labrador Cooper was as lucky as his two dads this year, with a stocking overflowing with new toys and treats, gifts from here and from overseas.

Cooper liked his Christmas toys
Labrador Cooper Christmas toys
Labrador Cooper Christmas toy
Once all his presents have been unwrapped though, it's down to the serious business of enjoying a bullystick whilst his dads open their gifts with a glass of festive champagne, or two.

Leave me alone, I've got things to do
Labrador Cooper bullystick
Cooper always knows there's something special going on on Christmas morning, from his early neighborhood walks when theres this eerie calm that descends on the local streets, to the preparation of all the food, he knows this isn't just any old day (and he's always hopeful some turkey finds its way into his tummy, and it usually does).

Time for a merry Christmas lunch
Merry Christmas lunch
With presents opened and lunch cooked to perfection (Thanksgiving is always a great trial run for Christmas Day), all that's left to do is eat, drink and be very merry.

So cheers to a Christmas Day that seems to have gone in a flash, but here's to making the most of Boxing Day (another British tradition), which includes watching last night's Doctor Who Christmas special (yay for BBC America).

I'm sure we'll see loads of abandoned Christmas trees out on the streets today when we walk Cooper in the neighborhood which always seems so fast and sad, but hopefully we can keep the festive spirit going for a few more days at least...

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