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Festive drinks, fashion and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in December...

Christmas Day may be over for another year, but there's still plenty of festive billboards in the skies of L.A. Here's a taste of some of the drinks, fashion, technology and lifestyle ad creatives filling the city skyline in the run up to Christmas in December 2013.

Drinks billboards
Coke Santa billboard 2013
To kick us off here's this year's festive offering from Coca-Cola. Not everyone may agree that the fizzy sugar-laden drink is the best for you in vast quantities, or at all, but I always enjoy seeing their Coke Santa in the skies around the Holidays, especially in Southern California where the weather doesn't exactly scream winter, so every festive ad helps.
Grey Goose Vodka Fly Beyond billboard
December 'tis the season to be merry and this month there were certainly plenty of alcohol brands trying to convince you they were the best option to make you feel jolly this season. I especially love this carefree 'fly beyond' creative from Grey Goose Vodka, both the colours and the spirit (pardon the pun) behind it.
Ketel One Vodka billboard
Ketel One was another vodka brand trying to convince you their finely crafted vodka was the best, with a proud heritage, and not some fresh new upstart brand.
Johnnie Walker Whisky defining moment billboard
With this being a key gift-giving time, Johnnie Walker had a new visible campaign around L.A. for its whisky, the perfect festive present.
Don Julio Tequila Make your move billboards
Plus with party season in full swing, Don Julio Tequila had lots of billboards trying to convince everyone to make their brand your favourite festive tipple (although when I think tequila, I always think margaritas and summer).
Bud Light Cool Twist billboard
For beer drinkers this holiday season Bud Light had a new aluminum bottle offering, accessible with a simple twist to refresh your taste buds.
Festive Budweiser Designate a driver billboard
Plus Budweiser beer had a festive-themed billboard for their drink awareness campaign to encourage people not to drink and drive.
Nespresso Taste the extraordinary billboard
Bottles of alcohol were not the only gift idea in the skies this month, with Nespresso advertising their coffee makers and their new Beverly Hills store just in time for Christmas.
138 Water Amanda Cerny billboard
And finally 138 Water continued their marketing strategy of using beautiful, scantily-clad women to sell their bottled water, which has no other distinguishing qualities than coming in different colour bottles. Be sure to check out these other 138 Water billboard ads for their vain and vacuous customers.

Fashion billboards
AG Adriano Goldschmied FW 2103 billboard
This fall season AG Adriano Goldschmied has certainly been filling the skies with striking ads for their designer denim brand.
Burberry Sienna Miller Tom Sturridge FW 2013 billboard
Whilst British brand Burberry has been using recognizable British actors, like Sienna Miller, to help advertise the fashion house abroad.
David Beckham Breitling Bentley watch billboard
Another advertiser breaking out the British celebrities this month was Breitling, using soccer star David Beckham as the face of their luxury Bentley-inspired watches.
Tags FW 2013 billboard
Local West Hollywood brand Tags had this stylish mono billboard filled with happy young things to get you shopping this month.
Gucci Cruise 2014 billboard
And Gucci was glamming up its regular ad site with a very luxurious billboard, featuring an amazing sunset visual and model Andreea Diaconu, for its Cruise 2014 collection.

Health billboards
Sexual Revolution 2 AHF billboard
Meanwhile with it being party season, when maybe you're having a little too much to drink and making some dodgy decisions, Aids Healthcare Foundation had another creative for its Sexual Revolution 2 safe sex campaign to help put things in perspective.

Technology billboards
Christmas time is obviously the perfect time for technology companies to be selling their wares, especially when it's a perfect gift idea for the music lover in your life, like these colourful Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones.
Plus with everything going digital and everyone streaming more and more music, TV shows and movies, having your own virtual storage space to handle everything is becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury. Western Digital have the perfect solution with their My Cloud offering.
And speaking of streaming Roku was back in the skies of L.A. just in time for Christmas, so you had something to watch every day of the New Year, for the next 82 years at least. Roku had really clever copy-only billboard campaign last year and this seems to be a natural progression in that campaign.
And whilst other tech companies seem to be highlighting the cameras their smartphones have, Sony is actually advertising its new compact camera, the RX 100 II, as the perfect gift idea. Personally I still love my point-and-click digital compact camera and prefer it over my iPhone camera, although I just think smartphones have simply replaced the old disposable fun cameras you used to take to parties because they are so small, convenient and you have it with you anyway.

Homewares billboards
Finally, here are a few more festive ad examples that helped create some holiday spirit this month, like this one directing Santa to The Container Store.

Car billboards
Happy Honda Days billboard 2013
Plus if you're in the market for a car this Christmas, Honda's play on happy holidays, with 'Happy Honda Days' was a fun and festive billboard.

Finance billboards
And Wells Fargo had a similar wintery ad to Budweiser, but they were able to incorporate their brand's horse-drawn stagecoach into the design to make it even more relevant to the bank.

It's always nice to see some holiday-themed billboards in the sky to lighten the mood and generate some much need Christmas cheer and long may this tradition continue.

Be sure to also check out this month's movie billboard round-up and come back soon for December's TV billboards from the streets of L.A.

If you can't wait that long, you can also check out eye-catching new ad creatives every day at my popular Daily Billboard blog. Enjoy...

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