Saturday, December 14, 2013

Further adventures across time and space at the Doctor Who Experience...

As I was unexpectedly back in Wales for a second visit this year, I couldn't resist taking another visit to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay and as luck would have it, they had a new collection of costumes and props from the recent 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

New exhibits from Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor
Doctor Who Day of the Doctor exhibit
After enjoying the interactive experience again, which they'll have to update once Peter Capaldi becomes the next Doctor, it was time to enjoy the delights of the exhibition which features costumes and props from both modern day and classic Doctor Who episodes.

Included in the new displays from The Day of the Doctor special were the costumes (and accompanying TARDIS) of all three Doctors featured, including John Hurt's newly revealed 'War Doctor' and his battered time-machine.

Eleventh Doctor and Companion costume display
Doctor Who Experience costume exhibit
11th Doctor Who Clara Oswald costumes
Whilst the festive costumes and props from Doctor Who's Christmas Special The Snowmen were no longer on display like the last time I visited, there were plenty of new additions like the Eleventh Doctor's costume worn by Matt Smith and one of the outfits worn by his latest Companion 'Clara Oswald'.
Doctor Who Experience Cardiff Bay
Plus a lot of the displays had been shifted around to give the exhibit a nice fresh feel and there were certainly still plenty of visitors to take in all the fantastical sights, and just like me I'm sure some of them were returning for a second visit.
Doctor Who Experience exhibits
Doctor Who Companion costume exhibit
Any Whovian who enjoys the current Doctor Who revival will love seeing the Companion costumes worn by characters like Sarah Jane Smith, Captain Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Rose Tyler and Amy Pond, and even a replica of the doctor's robotic dog, K-9.
Original Doctor Who Companion costumes
In addition to the three Doctor costumes, there were also cool screen-used Gallifreyan costumes and props, plus an alien Zygon suit and props from The Day of the Doctor to ogle over up close.
Doctor Who Day of the Doctor Gallifreyan costumes
Doctor Who Zygon costume props
I see a lot of movie and TV memorabilia exhibits on my travels (be sure to check out my Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog), but I really do think the Doctor Who Experience is really well done and I always love seeing original costumes and props out from behind display cases.
Doctor Who alien costumes
Doctor Who alien costumes props
With the British sci-fi series just filmed across the road from the Experience at the BBC Wales Studios, there's lots of costumes and props from the latest seasons and episodes, from futuristic robots to wooden royalty and reptilian Silurians.
Doctor Who alien costumes
After my last visit back in May, I finally convinced my husband to watch the new Doctor Who episodes with me, starting with the Christopher Eccleston revival, so it was a real treat to see so many of the creatures that have joined the Doctor Who pantheon of aliens.
Doctor Who revival alien costumes
Doctor Who alien foes
One of my favourite new Who aliens is the 'Face of Boe', but it's also great to see giant classic metal robots like K-1, and recurring foes like the Sontarans and Cybermen from across the generations.
Terrorised by a new Cyberman
And obviously like many others, I couldn't resist a photo opportunity with the latest generation of Cybermen from the seventh season.

If you want to see loads more Doctor Who costumes, models and props in greater detail, be sure to head over to my costume blog.

This second visit to the Doctor Who Experience has really put me in the right mood for this year's Christmas special, so tick-tock, let the Time Lord regenerate once again and here's to the next 50 years of this beloved British institution...

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